June 15th, 2006


Astounding Customer Service

In the past month, I've been shocked several times at the extraordinary level of customer service that I've gotten each time I've interacted with an office in the UK. When I emailed asking for advice about how an overseas pharmacist obtains credentials to work in the UK, I had a response to my email 6 hours later with precisely the information I was looking for.

On Monday, I emailed the General Registration Office (GRO) of Scotland asking how to obtain a copy of my birth certificate. I had a response in my inbox the following morning when I woke up pointing me to the specific page on their website which explained their services and fees and also giving me the phone number to call to make it happen.

This morning, I called the GRO at the number provided and spoke with a perfectly lovely gentleman who was "happy to help". He was quick, efficient, and pleasant. He didn't sound annoyed when I asked him to repeat himself (I didn't have the world's best connection, plus he had a very thick accent... or maybe it was me with the thick accent, I'm not sure anymore). He collected my information and told me that my two copies of my birth certificate would be in the post within 5-10 business days (giving me the option of expedited service which would get them in the post tomorrow). My request was fully processed within 5 minutes of dialing the number.

I'm not saying I don't ever get good customer service in the US. And admittedly my US experience is much broader so I have a more valid sample size. But I just can't get over how gosh-darned cheerful and helpful everyone seems to be on that side of the pond...