May 25th, 2006

Seth and Karen

UK here we come! (er, maybe not so quick)

So today I emailed the Royal Pharmeceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) asking if they could shed light on what requirements an American Pharmacist would have to fulfill in order to obtain credentials to practise pharmacy in the UK.

Then I told Seth that I'd done so and he laughed.

Now, Seth has never denied me anything except for Pendaflex Easy-View folders, but I still figured if I said, "Hey hon, let's move to the UK" he'd tell me I was crazy. Well, he knows I'm crazy but he did say that if I went, he'd go with me. Note he didn't exactly say it's his life-dream like it is mine, but his response, somewhat cryptic, was somewhat positive. "I'm an anglophile, of course I'd go with you."

So I told him it was my new ten-year plan and he didn't balk.

The funny part is that I'M the one with UK citizenship and I'll likely be the one who can't find a job in the UK because my field of expertise revolves around the US Federal Government.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It's unlikely to happen, but I'm still going to do some preliminary research to see if it's possible. I'd much rather it be a five-year plan, but I'm just not sure that's feasible. Get there before Seth turns 40 (six years)? Harder than getting there before I turn 40. Hrm.

Now I have to decide how serious I am. What on earth would I do for a living there?
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