March 16th, 2006

frog princess

shopping envy.

Oh man, I wish I had extra money laying around. I found 3 skirts I want at And of course, if I'm looking at skirts, I need blouses to match. Work clothes, of course. And I *need* springy/summery clothes for work. And some shoes. Boy do I need shoes. I have three pairs of shoes that I wear on any regular basis: black heels, black clogs, and tennis shoes. The tennis shoes are fine. The heels and clogs are both falling apart and neither is particularly spring/summery anyway.

ACK! When did I become such a girl!?



I have a lot to update, but I haven't much time, so here are two cute pictures!

Before we installed the carpet downstairs, we let Julian ride his tricycle around the basement. You can see from the photos above and below that he was THRILLED! (he's STILL asking to go downstairs to ride the tricycle!)

I have several other pictures, but I can't seem to upload the files. I'll try to figure that out.