March 15th, 2006


Behind again

I'm mostly caught up in READING LJ (though I did very little commenting). But now I'm very behind in actually updating.

Things to post:

1. Sunday whirlwind visit to Orlando/Cape Canaveral.
2. Purim Happenings
3. Julian Picture Post
4. State of the Karen
5. Work Stuff
6. Julian OT Appointments

Someday, I might even get around to posting those things. But it's unlikely; I've got to start thinking about Shabbos already. We're having Ian & Alida (and Avi), Stevie & Daniel (and Adir), and Jo & Cary (and Nathan). My house is still a disaster from LAST shabbos! What to make, what to make? Ideas? Suggestions? Anything? Help!
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