March 6th, 2006

Dom. Goddess 2


Shabbos was a little weird for me. We were planning on lunch guests and I wasn't feeling terribly well, and since psu_jedi and caryabend were not able to come (due to the new, exceedingly cute baby!), I decided I wasn't up for dinner guests Friday night. So it was just Seth and myself for dinner. We ate challah, curried tuna salad (SO YUM!), green beans, and saffron rice. I don't think we even had dessert, but I could be wrong. Oh, I think we each had a cookie.


Seth wasn't feeling well Friday night or Saturday so none of us made it to shul all shabbos since we were all under the weather. Well, Seth went long enough on Saturday to round up our guests and find someone coming who had grape juice, which we forgot to buy.

Saturday lunch was spectacular. I never host lunches because I find them difficult to plan for, but it was great. We had the Polonskys (2 adults, one four year old, two four month olds), Kanovskys (2 adults, 3 children, one newborn), and the Friedmans (2 adults, one four month old). So including us, we had 8 adults, 5 children, and 4 babies.

I served the adults on china, but let the kids have paper plates. My table was lovely (and set before company arrived since it was for lunch! go me!), if I do say so myself.

I served:
  • Challah
  • Fruit Salad
    (one person was allergic to fish, so no fish course. I had the fruit salad pre-plated in individual servings for the adults and a bowl of extra fruit salad for the kids since kids are pickier about what they'll eat.)
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Gluten-free, egg-free chicken schnitzel
  • Roasted Cauliflower (I added cumin to the recipe this time and it was TERRIFIC)
  • Green Beans tossed with caramelized onions.
  • Broccoli Kugel
  • Marinated Tomatoes
  • White Rice and Saffron Rice
  • Cold Cuts (corned beef, pastrami, turkey, and bologna for the kids) and assorted breads.
  • Dessert was cookies, more fruit salad (slightly different fruits used), and chocolate covered raisins.

I also had a chicken and rice goo in the crock pot, but it never got served. It was decent, but it wasn't missed.

For those of you who don't know, I cook by colors. I think about the colors on the table and how things will look on the plate, so this worked out really nicely... the green of the beans, the red of the tomatoes, and the yellow of the cauliflower offset the more bland colors.

We had a terrific time and the last folks left around 4pm. Since Julian had taken a very early nap (from 10:30 to about 2), he didn't take an afternoon nap, so neither did we, but nevertheless, we had a relaxing afternoon. Having lunch guests really does help to keep shabbos day from feeling like it's dragging.

I didn't make it to my normal shabbos shiur, but that's okay. I didn't want to bring my illness any further anyway. (yes, I checked with all the folks coming to make sure they were okay with me not feeling terrifically and I washed my hands a lot and made sure not to hold any babies for too long)