January 27th, 2006

funny cat


I often get annoyed with Aaron when he comes over for 20 minutes after school and manages to completely lose his shoes. I figure shoes aren't THAT hard to keep track of for 20 minutes, right?

sigh. I will now eat my words, apologize humbly to osewalrus and beckyfeld as I tell the following (short) tale:

So Seth took Julian over to Harold's around 7:40 this morning (it's H's day to drive carpool). At 7:56, Harold called me on my cell (I'm at work) to tell me that Julian has lost a shoe. Just one.

How the *%$# did he manage THAT?
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Happy 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth.

The day sort of makes me sad. I thought I would spend my life bringing music into people's lives. Now I rarely even remember to turn on my CD player.
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