January 15th, 2006

Family May 2012

various and sundry.

Happy slightly belated (by 45 minutes) birthday to pocketnaomi.

I had a very lazy Shabbos. This is good because I was starting to get sick and now I feel better. This is especially important because I'm heading to Texas tomorrow to see my grandparents. I'm not overly thrilled about this, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I hate Texas with a passion and my grandparents are both crazy, but I do love them and I do want to be able to see them.

Fortunately, it will be a short trip. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and returning Monday afternoon. Whew. I'm not sure I could handle a longer trip, even if I could afford to take the time off.

Work on our basement is coming along. After the bathroom/closet project is finished, we'll carpet the stairs, landing, Seth's office, and the bedroom down there. Next in line after that is to drywall and tile the former basement kitchen and purchase a new 2nd freezer (and elimate the two ancient appliances sucking up energy that are currently down there. Finally, install a bifold door to the laundry room so that my underwear isn't the first thing one sees upon coming down the basement stairs. That's a lot of work. I fear it will never be finished. Le Sigh.

What else? Work is fine, just busy. Tuesday is going to be hell, but that's okay. I get paid reasonably well, so I can't complain. Particularly with the commute.

Seth did a lot of work this evening to move boxes out of his office. Yay. Someday this house may be liveable. Or not.

I ordered a new bedroom set. Hopefully we'll still like it when it arrives. It's not the best quality on the planet, but it will do for now. My father has said that when he sells his house and they move permanently into their condo, Seth and I can have his (solid cherry) bedroom set. That's theoreticallly within the next five years, so I figure the bedrooom set I ordered can do us until then and then will make a lovely (not too expensive) guest room set in the long-term.

That's not all that's been going on, but it's all that I've got the time/energy to deal with right now.