January 12th, 2006

Family May 2012


I am sitting here uploading files into a web-based document management system, so that I can do a demo for my client about how awesome the system is and how well she can maintain configuration management standards using this system.

I have found a major flaw. This document is broken into about 100 files (it's an enormous document). Each file must be uploaded one by one. And the larger ones drag on forever. And it sucks. And it will probably take me several days to complete this project. I've already spent 4 hours today on this project and I'm only to Chapter 3 (of 15, plus appendices).
fraggle rock!

updates needed

I have several journal entries in my head, but no time to sit down and put them down in writing (typing). Le Sigh.

Suffice it to say:
*annoying doctors visits lately.
*really pissed off at the financial coordinators at said annoying doctors visits.
*Julian often cute, today pissy and obnoxious
*Going to Texas Sunday, returning Monday.
*work busy
*no time to breathe anymore
*maybe going away for shabbos, but that may be off now.
*that is all for now.
*I need a frazzled icon. I think my Fraggle icon will have to do.