January 10th, 2006



Three hundred, sixty dollars. That's right. $360.

For a freaking GAS BILL. When it hasn't even been all that cold. When we have a digital thermostat programmed to use less energy during the day when no one is at home and at night when we are sleeping. DOUBLE what our bill was a year ago (with the same amount of energy consumed).

Yeah, I get it. The Gulf Coast was hit hard. I know. And it's probably insensitive of me to say, "I don't care if the Gulf Coast was hit hard, this is outrageous."

I get that Washington Gas is a Public Utility, not a for-profit organization. I get that they pay what they pay and we pay them back for it. I get that it's one of the costs of owning a home. I'm especially amused by the note they put in the bill about hypothermia. Because yeah, there are definitely going to be people who simply turn off their heat for the rest of the winter, and there could be some casualties from that.

Can we pay the damn bill? Sure, but it's going to hurt. A lot. But what about people who CAN'T? I've heard people's bills in the local area ranging from $342-450. $450!!! Holy COW!

I know there's not a darned thing that can be done about it. I'm just frustrated.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually considering moving to Florida.
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Pesach and Snarkiness!

Whoo hoo! We'll be in Maine for Pesach!

I just made our reservations for Pesach at The Cliff House Resort & Spa. We'll be joining the entire Feld/Pearlman/Burstein clan!

I figure we've vowed not to spend holidays with our families, but that doesn't mean we can't spend it with those who we consider our "extended family"... The Felds and Pearlmans really ARE family to us! Hooray.

Harold and Becky, thanks for letting us know we'd be welcome tagalongs. I really hope you don't think we'll be the third (or 23rd) wheel. :)

Now to figure out how to pay for it...We could sell the kid off, which would also save us the cost of his reservation. :) Hmmm. This plan has merit. Except, he's not ours. And I'd miss him. So okay, that plan's out.

Earlier today, leahmiriam offered to pay me $5 if I replied to one of my list serves with the snarky comment that I said out loud. Maybe there's a plan in this. I figured that $5 would help pay that ginormous gas bill we got, but there could be more to this plan! I could auction off my snarkiness! Anyone you want me to be snarky to? I charge $5 for the first minute and $1.95 for each subsequent minute. :-D
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