October 31st, 2005

shabbat shalom


Friday Night
We had a very nice dinner on Friday. I delivered meals to the Felds (with lots of help from leahmiriam) and to the Friedmans and then came home and finished the last minute (and I mean very last minute) things for our dinner before racing to light candles. We had 10 people, including us: Nigel (the "guest of honor" so to speak), Elisheva, A guy who's name I can't spell, Michal Leah (Chanoch's sister), Bea, Keeley, Jo & Cary. Julian even stayed awake for kiddush, washing, and hamotzi. He was absolutely adorable. When we sat down he yelled out excitedly, "Kiddush!" and he gave enthusiastic "Ameins" in all the right places (though sometimes a tiny bit delayed which made us all giggle, which made Julian giggle, which kept us giggling, and so on). He was very excited about washing and said *most* of the bracha for netilas yadayim (he gets bored by the time we get to the end of a bracha, so he really only says the beginning).

I served: fish fritters with garlic tofu dip hummus and carrots, Roasted Tomato Soup (YUM YUM YUMMY YUM!) 3 chickens (could have just done 2) cut up and marinated before baking, BBQ beef (the reason I did 3 chickens was I didn't expect to have enough BBQ beef to keep some AND give a meal to the Friedmans, but I did have enough), rice (I didn't forget!), potato kugel, arugula salad (with strawberries, mango, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a sweet balsamic vinagrette), marinated tomato salad, Orzo salad (from Shalom's...I didn't make this), and, um, that's probably it. Dessert consisted of: Chocolate Cake (from Shalom's), Vanilla Meringues, jelly beans, sunkist fruit gems, and sweet kumquats in syrup (YUCK).

There wasn't as much leftover as you might think. Seriously.

Nigel bought me a really awesome cookbook, which was very sweet of him. It's HUGE! (and he gave Seth a nice bottle of scotch, or so I'm told. I've not seen it). We had good dinner conversation except at one point I realized that it had degenerated to a political discussion. Political debates are forbidden at my shabbos table. They simply become too controversial and people have such strong opinions that it's a recipe for tension. Generally speaking the food came out well, though the chicken was overcooked and the rice could have been moister (I'd cooked it Thursday night and just reheated it... I added a little water while reheating it, but not enough)

Saturday I awoke with a horrendous migraine. It did not relent until mid-morning Sunday and I am NOT happy about this. If it hadn't been for the fact that I had to run the Torah Time group for the kids, I would have asked Seth to stay home with Julian because I literally could barely stand. Ugh. Seth told me not to go, but I couldn't just not show... all the parents that brought kids for Torah time would have found an unpleasant surprise. Anyway, Torah Time was not a complete disaster, but I was not feeling fabulous. The thing about having had migraines for so long is that I can ignore a migraine enough to be functional for exactly as long as I need to... but I pay for it later. And pay for it I did. Once we were done with Torah Time, I brought Julian upstairs, ate a piece of kugel at the kiddush and then I left. I stayed on the couch until Seth and Julian came home (not to long after I did) so that I could tell Seth what there was for lunch. Then I went to bed. Julian and Seth did too, shortly thereafter. I napped for three hours (until Julian woke up), stood up, realized that I was still completely non-functional, changed Julian's diaper, poked Seth and made him get up, and then fell back aleep until 6pm when Seth left for Mincha. Ugh. Julian was bouncing off walls and BEGGING to go outside. I realized that I could listen to him whine about it, which was going to hurt my head, or I could take him for a walk, which was going to hurt my head but at least one of us would be happy. So Julian and I walked down to Chez Feld to return Aaron's plus Torah and hung out there until Shabbos was over.

There's more to tell about the weekend, but I'll post separately about that.
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