October 28th, 2005

Domestic Goddess

Shabbos Cooking

I am making dinner for:
  • Friedmans (3 people)
  • Felds (4-5 people? not sure if Greg will be eating) only making side dishes; leahmiriam is making chicken and kugel, I'm taking care of the rest.
  • Us & Company (9 people give or take a few)
So far I have made:
  • BBQ Brisket in crockpot for Friedmans. Can't do part two of the brisket cooking until right before shabbos.
  • Tomato Salad x2 x4 (for Friedmans and Felds; haven't made MINE yet)
  • Tofu Dip x 1 1/2. Have to figure out who wants that.
  • Tomato Soup (4x recipe) For Friedmans and us, and also Felds if they want it
  • Chicken is marinating, will cook right before shabbos.
  • Challah (but I realized I don't have enough. DRAT.
  • Two potato kugels (one for us, one for Friedmans. Felds are getting one from Lauren)
Still to do:
  • Gefilte Fish Fritters (batter is put together, just have to get them started. Doing 2x the recipe)
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Rice
  • Asparagus
  • Fruit salad (probably best off doing this last minute)
I am considering making:
  • Cranberry cobbler (side dish not dessert)
  • Black bean dip a la magid
I purchased (because I simply don't have the wherewithall to bake desserts tonight):
  • Jelly Beans
  • Dried apricots
  • Meringues for Eleanor
  • Black and White Cookies for Felds and Friedmans
  • Cake for us

I feel like I'm missing something.

Oh, and did I mention I found out tonight that I'm doing Torah Time for the Kids on Shabbos?? ACK. Thank heavens Nancy has so many ready-made materials for me to use. But ACK!

Edit 2:08am: I am half finished frying the gefilte fish fritters. I have not cooked the rice, nor have I made the cucumber salad. I may bail on the cucumber salad, but I'm not sure yet. I've got one person coming tomorrow that says she only eats "healthy" food. I put that in quotes because everyone has a different definition of "healthy" it seems. Well, my fritters certainly aren't going to cut it. And she asked that I not pre-dress my salads. Well, guess what? I always pre-dress my salad. So I'll just leave some aside for her. But you know, my salads have very little oil in them, so I don't know what her deal is. And I hate being basically accused of eating unhealthy food. Argh. I think my willingness work around people's dietary needs/wants is taking its toll on me. I've got someone coming tomorrow who must be gluten-free, so the large majority of my dishes are gluten free, but a couple things are not. I don't feel badly about this because I didn't know she was coming until today. Plus, she doesn't have a problem picking out the things she can eat. The vast majority of food is fine for her. There are two people coming who won't eat red meat. No problem. There's one person coming who won't eat tomatoes. There is one person coming who won't eat anything so far as I can figure. And there's the chick that only eats "healthy" food. Whatever that means. I'm GOING CRAZY!

owie owie owie owie ow

Two owies:
I have done something dreadful to my foot/ankle. I am not enjoying it. This pain has been around for some time now, but it's getting worse. And there's an odd thing that happens when I wake up in the morning... it's VERY hard for me to walk on either feet. It feels like there's no padding on my feet and I'm stepping on sharp things. It hurts. A lot. It has always been like this... it takes me 15 minutes or so before I can walk normally. But, again, it's getting worse and I want to know why. Problem is I can't go see a podiatrist. I think they're weird. I have a "thing" about podiatrists. Seriously, what kind of wacko would want to spend their lives looking at FEET? EW. Of course, if I saw a podiatrist, I might be able to solve the great shoe mystery (as in, why is it that shoes with any kind of support give me shin splints immediately?). But I still refuse. There MUST be another option.

Second owie is my head. My stupid head refuses to stop hurting. I went almost 10 hours without a migraine and I thought maybe I'd passed through this cycle. Now it's back. Aleve will not help. I don't have anything stronger, nor could I take it if I did. I was recently pointing out to Seth that the last time I was off Depakote, I was getting migraines almost non-stop (5-6 a week), but this time that I'm off the Depakote, I wasn't getting them so often, but they were incredibly stubborn and unresponsive to pain medicine. I think I have now merged the two categories. I'm getting a lot of them AND medicine doesn't help them. Drat. I am unamused. So let's review my options: 1. headache-free (or close enough), fat(ter), and not allowed to risk getting pregnant (on the Depakote) OR 2. Lots of headaches, still fat (but not continuing to gain weight), and possibly still not capable of having children. Hmmmmm... Yeah, they didn't sound like very good options to me either.
don't wanna

more grumping

Hey, while I'm being grumpy, I would like to say WTF is up with my allergies? I am NOT ENJOYING THEM. And my throat hurts. But that's probably related to the allergies.

And yeah, before seth points it out, my allergies would probably be slightly less miserable if I'd get around to calling my doctor for a refill of my Allegra. But, well, I haven't and I'm still bitter about it. Why can't Claritin work? Is that too much to ask?


You know, I'm all for recruiters contacting me. Really. But I have to say, I'm unimpressed when they say, "I have a position doing security at such-n-such agency. Are you interested?" and then refuse to send me a job description until I ask three times.

I am also unimpressed with "Dear Ms. Coehn..."

And "Please contact me at your soonest convenience." (This, I thought, might have just been a slip of the fingers or a poorly chosen word. However, this rocket scientist left me a phone message also saying "please call me right back at your soonest convenience." Clearly, this guy believes his phrasing to be completely appropriate.

I also do not enjoy recruiters with blatantly religious (read: not my religion) signatures. For example, if you write me an email and after your name is a biblical quote (even if it's from the part of the bible I am, shall we say, familiar with), I'm not likely to take you seriously.

I am further unimpressed with recruiters who don't understand the position they are screening for. "Yes, Karen, we thought you'd be perfect for this software engineer position we have open." Um, what made you think I was perfect for THAT position? What part of "I'm not a software engineer" don't you get? Why must you try to convince me to come in for a talk anyway, because you're just so SURE that once I come in and see the place, I'll change my mind and I'll miraculously remember that I have a Master's in CS and five years of software design experience?

I am just as unimpressed with those of you who read me a job description and then ask me if I know what FISMA means because you're not sure. Or ask me if I've got C&A experience when that's ALL OVER my resume that you just quoted to me.

Mostly, I'm glad to be done with the lot of them for the moment. I get that I don't have to like recruiters and a stupid recruiter isn't necessarily a sign of a useless company or position, but first impressions really do mean a lot. So there.

Wow. I really AM grumpy today. Which is odd, because I've been smiling and joking with my colleagues all day, and I've even been fairly productive at work. But it will soon be time for me to leave. Hoooray.
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