October 23rd, 2005

julian grinning

Julian-Long overdue update

I can't remember what I last said about Julian's progress, so I'll just give some random tidbits:

Julian now has so many words (and sentences, even!) that they are hard to keep track of. The interesting thing, however, is that there are a few words, like "banana," that he learned very early on (banana was his first really clear word that wasn't "no"), but now he can't say. Now banana is "ganna." Close enough I suppose, since we've now figured out that's what he means when he says that, but it's still weird. He still surprises us with words. He knew what the succah was without us telling him. And he took one look at the plush lulav and esrog and called them by name before I told him. Those, of course, he must have learned at school. But I'm still impressed that he was able to take the idea from one context to the next and understand that it was the same thing. He's very good at "Please," "Thank You," and "You're welcome," though they come out in his own little language, of course: "peas," "sanksue," and "whehcum," respectively. He often remembers to say please and thank you without being reminded. He also responds to questions now, with some degree of comprehendability

Julian's memory is tremendous. He remembers where he puts things and grows upset if they aren't there when he returns (e.g. Eema picked up the mess because she couldn't stand it anymore). He knows where the snack foods (the ones he can't have unless he eats actual food first!) are kept and will beg and beg and beg for them.

It's very exciting and very frustrating at the same time that Julian has developed opinions. Opinions about EVERYTHING. He has opinions about what he would like to eat, though these often come out as "I don't want this delicious food that you are offering me and I am not going to give you any clues about what I do want, so you'll have to keep trying until I stop screaming." He has opinions about what he will wear, when he wants his diaper changed, what book he wants to read, which lego to play with, which ball to take outside, when to go outside, when to come inside, when to scream, when to play quietly. He has opinions about EVERYTHING.

OCD much?
He is a bit OCD when playing with his hotwheels cars... He is very precise about how and where he will play with them. He first walks around the house finding all of the hotwheels cars he has stashed under the bed, behind the sofa, in the piano (I'm not kidding), between the couch cushions, and in his dresser. I told you he has a great memory! Anyway, so he goes through the house collecting them, and then he lines them all up on the couch, lays there and takes them one by one and sends them hurtling over the side of the couch, plunging to their deaths. Until next time. Similarly, with his trains, he runs around the house collecting the trains and then lines them all up very carefully so that he can pull the train around on the floor, couch, bed or table, whereever he chooses that time.

Julian used the potty for the first time today. He probably would have used it sooner but I had refused to get him a potty because I do NOT want to be potty training him right now. I'm lazy and I have far too much else going on. But he's been begging to use the potty, so I gave in and bought him a potty last night. He discovered it this morning and promptly carried it into the bathroom declaring "Potty! Use Potty! Make poopy in the potty!!" Well, he peed in it, which is close enough I guess. He was very, very excited. I absolutely can not believe I am discusing my child's potty habits on LJ. What has my life come to? Oy.

Anywho, that's about it. I'm baking challah and then I'll be heading to bed. I've done no cooking for tomorrow. I don't care. I'm sure we have something in our fridge that we can heat up for dinner; it's just us.