August 19th, 2005

frog princess


Julian counted to ten with me today!!!! "What comes after one?" "Two!" "What comes after two?" "Fee!" "What comes after three?" "Fo!" "Okay, and then five" "sick!" "Seven..." "ay" (eight) "and nine...!!!" "TEN!" WOWIE!

We are leaving for Florida in the morning for my father's family reunion. More specifically, it's the "Scott Family Reunion." For those of you that know me, "Scott" is not my maiden name. This is my father's father's mother's line. My dad's cousins and their kids and such. Looking forward to it. My brother will be there. Not looking forward to that. My uncle will not be there. Very happy about that. Not sure why I'm not writing full sentences.

Food is packed. Clothes are packed. Toys and books are packed. 24 diapers for 2 1/2 days are packed (hopefully more than enough). Portable DVD player is packed with DVDs for Julian for the plane (Must remember to get Seth to give me his spare set of headphones). The camera is packed with extra batteries. Kemit doll is packed. I note the Kermit doll specifically because I noticed that his little frog feet were sticking out of my suitcase having been precariously zippered in. Ooops. Dishwasher is running. Dining room table is slightly more clear than it was before. The cleaning lady is coming while we are away. Must clean for cleaning lady. I'm a freak. I admit it. The trash can is overflowing. We have to remember to pick Seth's tallis up from shul before we go. The siddur is packed. The stroller and the carseat are ready to go. Must remember to bring the child. Must remember not to pack a cat. My father has spares. Shoot. Must remember allergy medicine. He has four cats and two dogs. I will be in hell.

Julian's birth certificate and guardianship order are in my purse. Those are necessities. Seth and I both have a photo ID. I need to pack my extra pair of shoes.

I love Kermit.

I hope I brought enough food. I'm sure I brought enough food for a dozen people for a week, but still I fret that the two of us won't have enough for 2 days. Duh.

A two and a half day trip requires FAR too many bags for two people and a toddler. We need to buy real luggage. We've got all these little bags to check when really all we needed was one normal sized suitcase, plus carry-ons of the stuff we need on the plane.

I hate Florida weather. I am not looking forward to that part. I'm so glad there is air conditioning. What did people in Florida do before air conditioning? Suffered, I suppose. I am so spoiled. I would not have made a good pioneer.
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Julian & Eema

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We arrived safely in Florida right on time around 1pm.

I am never travelling with a toddler again. This means, of course, that we will have to leave Julian with my dad. Fun.

More later, after shabbos.
frog princess


I think I've earned a pedicure. Since I now have fancy cute purple flip flops for this trip, I think I will go get a pedicure when I get home. I hate flip flops, but I definitely want a pedicure!