August 5th, 2005

chocolate cake


If you had a pint of raw, fresh currants, what would you do with them? The Joy of Cooking suggests that one should cook them with meat, but I haven't explored any further than that. All suggestions welcome.
angry frog


  • I had my skirt on backwards for the first 3 1/2 hours of my day. Worse, this is hardly an uncommon occurence.
  • Er, I've already forgotten the other stuff I wanted to say.
  • On to other news. The nanny was an hour and a half late today. So I didn't get to work until 9:30. Oopsie.
  • I love wikipedia. I was trying to figure out when Pomp & Circumstance first started being used as a graduation processional. My google skillz failed me and I was about to post to ljgenie, when I had a flash of brilliance and checked wikipedia. They are the greatest.
  • My desk is messy. I do not enjoy having a messy desk.
  • I'm still really frustrated over my recipe quandary. I need to find an online solution that is feasible for someone with my lack o' skillz.
  • I've also decided I want all my contacts (friends/family/work phone numbers at least, if not also addresses) on a webpage. But that means I have to figure out how to password protect it. I don't know if it would be best to just have a text file with all this info and pop it up onto a password protected webpage or if there's a better/easier way.
  • Where exactly do I think I'm going to find the time for all these online projects? I have several weeks' worth of Julian pictures on my camera waiting to be put online. How do I expect to do any OTHER new projects?
  • Monday evening we have a contractor coming out to look at our basement bathroom/closet project to give us an estimate. We'll see. I think I liked the first guy, but I want to have three estimates. We're very bad about getting multiple estimates for stuff like that (I'm just impatient, plus don't have time to take off work to meet with the contractors just for an estimate, etc. etc. etc.).
Bored now. Still can't remember what else I wanted to say. So I'm going to go clean my desk and hope for the best.
kitten hammock

hot hot hot

Normally if it's hot outside, you feel some relief if there's even a little breeze. A forceful breeze is a godsend in hot, sticky weather.

Until today. I was walking outside and it was hot, hot, hot. And the wind was blowing quite forcefully. So you'd think that would cool me down. But it was blowing HOT AIR at me. I really don't remember ever having that sensation outside before, except when flames were involved.
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