August 4th, 2005

frog princess

miscellaneous ramblings

  • Replaced my glasses. New frames are similar, but different. Seth doesn't like them as much. I like them better. *shrug*
  • Went to The Wentworth Gallery across from Lens Crafters while I was waiting. I resisted the urge to purchase a gorgeous work by one of my favorite artists called Holy City:

    Schluss- Holy City

  • Le Sigh. I would have liked to get the piece, but Seth pointed out that we've got expenses coming up with the monster that sort of get in the way of purchasing art. So as a consolation prize....
  • I went to Williams Sonoma and bought a pineapple corer, a cherry pitter, a beautiful wooden spoon for which I have no purpose, but which I wanted a lot, an avocado slicer, a beautiful wooden salad bowl and salad hands, and a lemon juicer thingy. Life is good.
  • Julian's forms and such for the Hebrew Academy arrived yesterday, confirming that he will be enrolled there next year. This, of course, threw me into second thoughts. I hope this is the right decision. Le Sigh.
  • I have no migraine today. That's two days in a row. I hate depakote, but I'm beginning to think I can't live without it.

And another thing...

It's another good sheitel day. I've discovered, to my dismay, that hair spray is the key. I've had a good sheitel day every day since I resumed using hairspray. I hadn't used hair spray on a regular basis in 10 years. Phooey.
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Dom. Goddess 2

Shabbos Menu

Somehow, Thursday crept up on me, which means tomorrow is shabbos. So I've got 7 guests (plus ourselves) to feed and no menu. How did that happen? So I'm going for simple. One of the people coming is allergic to citrus (so no fresh-squeezed lemonade), another is allergic to pineapple (so that took out another option).

Here's what we'll be having if I get my act together:
  • Mushroom & Onion Soup (with or without barley? With or without sausage? So many quesitons!)
  • Lasagna (meat cheese)
  • Green salad
  • Marinated Tomato Salad (if I can find heirloom tomatoes, I'll use those)
  • Asparagus
  • maybe Cucumbers
  • Garlic Bread
  • Fruit for dessert
Hopefully, it will be enough. Because that's what I'm making. I don't have time and energy for much more than that.