July 28th, 2005

HP-Mary GrandPre


I love thunderstorms. A lot. But this has been a bad year for thunderstorms.

First, there was my near death experience.

Then last Shabbos, we lost our power around 1:30am Friday night/Saturday morning and it didn't come back on until 8pm Sunday night. We therefore lost a good deal of food from the freezer and fridge, which did not entirely thrill me. However, the silver lining is that my refrigerator really desperately needed to be cleaned out anyway, and now it's all shiny and pretty. Or something.

Last night, after a week of ghastly heat/humidity, with heat indexes over 100 degrees F, heat advisories, and so on, a cold front rolled in. And when a cold front hits a warm front, apparently this wet stuff comes out of the sky, complete with fireworks and cannons (er, lightning and thunder, that is). And hail. Large hail. It was pretty impressive. We, however, only lost power for 20 or 30 minutes this time, thank heavens. The rest of Silver Spring got pounded pretty badly, though.

Since we weren't pounded as hard as we could have been, I was able to make it to the banquet committee de-brief meeting. I practiced the words "I am not going to be the journal chair again next year" in front of a mirror for 15 minutes. People still didn't believe me. Repeat after me: I am not doing the journal next year.



One last update before I get back to work...

Julian's had a cough for the past day or two. It hasn't been SO bad except at night, but it's been controllable. Last night was not good, but a cough suppressant helped. This morning, Seth gave him another dose before leaving for work. When I left for work at 7:30, Julian was bouncing on the bed, coughing occasionally, but extremely happy and in a good mood. I even got my goodbye hug and kiss.

At 8:45 his nanny called me to tell me that Julian seemed to be wheezing. Fortunately, the mother of the child that shares Julian's nanny is an ER Pediatrician, so the nanny took Julian over to her house to let her listen. Amy called me and said, "Yep, he's wheezing pretty badly. I'd give him a breathing treatment here, but I want his doctor to hear this."

So off I went. I drove home as quickly as I could legally (mostly) get there and took him to his doctor's office. By the time we pulled up to the doctor's office, Julian's breathing was really labored and he was coughing and gasping pretty badly. He was still getting air in, so he wasn't in imminent danger, but he definitely wasn't happy. The doctor did an albuterol breathing treatment in the office and took another listen once that was done and it helped. So we got sent home with a nebulizer, a bunch of single-dose packages of albuterol, and a prescription for an oral steroid. And strict instructions to call back if Julian wasn't getting any better in 24 hours (and if he gets worse, we're to call immediately).

Julian's now fine. He was hyper for a while from the albuterol (it does that to me too), but Seth came home so that I could go back to work, and Seth got him down for a nap. I haven't heard any cries for help, so I assume they're still doing okay. Here's hoping.

Welcome to Parenthood Lesson #49083