July 7th, 2005


Esther Chaya and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  • Seriously, the migraines are just getting worse. I rarely wake up with a migraine, because sleeping through it usually takes care of a migraine for me (which is problemmatic if I get the migraine while, say, driving...). But yes, folks, this morning I woke up with a ridiculously bad migraine. I was trying to talk to Gina and could barely get five words out in a row. Not. Good. ARGH.
    • I'm now on the phone with Seth trying to figure out other options. I accept that Depakote isn't in my immediate future. I accept that IF (on the extremely slim miracle of a chance) I ever got pregnant, I'll probably have to suffer through migraines. But I refuse to accept that I'm not allowed to be migraine-free(ish) when I'm NOT even pregnant.
      • I'm sorry I've been so focused on migraines lately. I'm just so pissed off about them. I could ignore them for a long time, but they're just getting worse, darnit.
  • No more news on my grandmother. For the past couple years she hasn't gone more than a few weeks or a month without being readmitted to the hospital. It's almost never anything seriously life threatening (except, you know, when she set herself on FIRE), but it's always something. I just don't know what to think. She's not happy (though she tends to be happier in the hospital where people don't take her crap the way my grandfather does...so she gives less crap to people). She's not healthy. She's never going to get better. I loved my grandmother, but I'm beginning to wonder if she's still in there.
  • I was up too late. And awake too early, considering the migraine status. But the glimmer of goodness in my day was the very cuddly Julian this morning. He curled up on top of me and watched Finding Nemo while I tried to wake up.
    • The glimmer of goodness didn't last long, because his morning cup of milk didn't agree with him and he threw up on my bed. Yuck.
      • Note to Self: mention to pediatrician that sometimes milk seriously doesn't agree with him. He has days where he eats nothing but dairy, but the days where even the slightest bit of dairy makes him throw up.
  • I have a pile of work to do here... normally this would be a good thing, but my head is pounding.
    • If I knew more html, I'd have made that "pounding" blink on and off or something. But I'm just not that cool.
  • I was up extremely late doing dishes, more dishes, and more dishes. And cleaning out the fridge of all our spare penicillin. Oops, didn't mean to have so many science experiments in there. Note: tofu dip doesn't get moldy. Just yucky. Fruit, however, turns all sorts of lovely colors and gets quite fuzzy. Ahem.
  • I'm beginning to freak out about this CISSP exam in August. What the hell was I thinking? HOW could I have thought I'd be ready by then? WHEN exactly am I going to study between now and then? ARGH. I am so failing this exam. Even my father, with 30 more years experience in this field than I have, struggled with this exam. Because, you know, it's written by engineers. Engineers should NEVER WRITE.
  • Seth will be at Shore Leave this weekend. Fortunately, I'll be having various Felds for shabbos dinner... they are very laid back and therefore if it doesn't all come together the way I'd like it to...it's okay.

On the other hand... my troubles are nothing compared to the bombings in London today. So I suppose I should count my abundant blessings. No, that's not sarcasm.