July 1st, 2005


Harry Potter

I am a serious and complete geek. About Harry Potter anyway. I try to hide it... I don't jump out with Random HP facts or Random HP analysis, but it's all in there, and I read other people's analysis a little more than I like to admit. I love the universe JKR has created. While I may not always like something she does with subplots, I respect it, and I accept that it is HER universe, not mine. So to all you HP freaks out there who get all pissy when she does something you don't agree with... get over it. It's HER book. It's HER universe. Go create your own universe if you don't like it. But don't pick on her!


Anyway. I'm having trouble containing my excitement for the sixth book. AND for the GOF Movie coming in the fall. Sometimes I randomly do a little happy dance. If you see me doing that, I'm probably thinking of the fact that there are only FIFTEEN DAYS left until HP: HBP comes out. SQUEE!!!!

I am, of course, re-reading OotP, like every other HP freak in existence. I haven't read it for a long time (I read it twice when it first came out, but never picked it back up again) and I'm glad I'm refreshing my memory a bit.

Anyway, I'm excited. Check out some of my icony goodness:

Rare political-ish post.

Wow. Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down.
She was the first female Supreme Court Justice and served for 24 years.


Now, I'm certain, my friends list will be flooded with political rants. Forgive me if I skip most of them.

WHAT THE HECK????????????



Is it not enough that I don't whine about them (out loud and outside of my journal) DURING the christmas season (which seems to start in October and end in February)???????????????????????????????????


At least have the decency to use headphones, people.
HP-Harry Reading

On Genre

As a result of an odd conversation my boss and I ended up in, I am curious about how you, my faithful readers (hah!), classify books. I find it difficult to classify books into just one genre a lot of the time. Anywho, a not-so-brief survey appears below. The titles were all picked for a specific reason, which I'll explain at a later date if I get around to it. I have purposely used radio buttons and not check boxes, because I am trying to get people to commit to an answer, rather than saying it's both. But I was nice enough to include the cop-out "Speculative Fiction" for those of you who are afraid of committment. ;) (Though in all honesty, I think Speculative Fiction is a legitimate category...I'm just poking fun now)

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