June 28th, 2005

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I'm kind of unproportionally excited about OpenID. I think it's nifty, though I don't currently have a need to use it. It's exciting. :)
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I've been losing weight recently. Not entirely on purpose, which is to say, I haven't drastically changed anything I'm doing. But I lost 6 pounds in about 10 days and it has stayed off for just about as long.

I have also been having a ridiculous number of migraines. Almost non-stop.

And I think I just realized why (on both counts). Because I stopped taking Depakote, which I take for migraine prevention.
Because so long as there's a possibility that I could get pregnant (hah!), no matter how remote, it's a very, very, very, very, very, very bad idea for me to take Depakote.

So which is worse? Fat and unable to get pregnant, or migraines and still unlikely to get pregnant?
Julian & Eema

happenings & Julian update

First, I have to say that my new dairy dishwasher ROCKS. Completely. I cannot wait until we have the fleishig one!! It's even cooler. And the same day that the dishwasher gets here, the new washer and dryer get here!! Hooorah. So that's the random stuff. Actually, I'm not sure that I have anything to say that isn't random. Someday I'll have something substantive to say again. HAH!

Anyway, may as well turn this into a Julian update. Much of what's going on with Julian needs to be a friends-only entry, but here's the basic stuff: He's still growing. He's HUGE. He has a lot more words now, and will say "mortgage" and even "carbohydrate" but he refuses to say "Eema" out of spite. He's all about "Abba" though. His favorite word is "outside!" and he's very good at saying "Peas?" (Please). He is also quite fond of "No."

He adores his whale shaped pool and loves water of all sorts, except if it comes out of a shower head. He giggles uncontrollably around sprinklers, though, so I really don't get the shower head problem. *shrug* He has his first swim lesson on Sunday at the YMCA. Seth will be taking him, though his second lesson will be with his grandfather, since Seth will still be at Shoreleave.

His bedtime has moved a bit later (around 8 now), but he's excellent about his bedtime routine: We sing Pajama Time to him, and he knows that means it's time to walk to his room. He climbs into bed and takes his water & his ducky. When we finish with Pajama Time, we sing the Sh'ma to him, and he lifts his head up for a kiss, then pushes the duck toward you to give the duck a kiss, and then he rolls over and curls up. It's about the easiest bedtime routine on the planet. He's also taken to sleeping slightly later, or at least entertaining himself in his room quietly for longer. He's been waking up around 6:30 these days, which is lovely. A few days last week, he even slept until 7, which was rather unbelievable (but a fluke, I'm sure).

He takes a 2pm nap without fail every single day for Gina. And on Shabbos, he falls asleep by 10am. I don't get it. And I would much prefer he take a 2pm nap on Shabbos so that we could go to shul and such and so that all three of us could take a nap in the afternoon. SIGH. Oh, and trying to force him to stay awake doesn't work either. He just ends up in a screaming fit and THAT is no fun for anyone.

In the mornings during the week, Seth is typically out of the house before Julian first starts stirring. I let him out of his room around 6:30 (admittedly, he's usually awake by then, but playing quietly in his room) and he gets to watch Between the Lions and/or Arthur on PBS while I do important things like shower. He curls up nicely on my bed and drinks a cup of milk while I get ready for work. Then, when I'm ready to leave, he plays with the blinky pen I wear around my neck at work and gets very upset when I take it away from him.

He loves Gina. He loves everyone, really. He's a very social creature and is very excited when new playmates come. He's usually not jealous of other children playing with his toys, but he does get upset if another child takes something directly out of his hand. But I suppose that's entirely normal.

Mostly, he's a kid who craves structure, but loves to test limits. He does really well with a routine and doesn't rebel against it too much. He seems to know exactly which of our buttons to push when he wants to have a little adventure, but I hear that's normal.