May 16th, 2005

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I think people should have to take a test to use the internet. Okay, that's not true, I would be horrified by such a restriction. BUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, PEOPLE!!! Is it so much harder to write "you" than "u" or "I" instead of "i" or any of a number of other countless examples?


It's "people" not "poeple." It's not even "ppl"
It's "to" not "2." And yes, there's a difference between "too" and "to" and "two"... Learn it, embrace it, pass it on!
"Your" means something belongs to you as in "Please improve your flipping English."
"You're" is a contraction. It means "you are" as in "You're a fidiot." (that's a contraction for "flipping idiot, for those of you that don't know."
"ur" is not an acceptable replacement for "you are," "your," or "you're."
"Loose" means something isn't tight, or it can also mean promiscuous. As in: "That girl is really loose."
"Lose" means you misplace something. "I am about to lose my mind."
"Looser" means "less tight." It does not mean a lame person. That word is "loser."
It is "love" not "luv."
"Clothes" are those things you wear. "Cloths" are just pieces of fabric... you know like a rag, or fabric that hasn't yet been made into clothes.
"there," "they're," and "their" are three distinct words. Learn the difference.
"LOL" should be used with restraint. If you have three sentences in a paragraph that end with "LOL!!!" then you should reconsider your need to publish your embarrassing drivel on the world wide web.
Capital letters and punctuation are your friends.

I'm not asking for perfect grammar or perfect spelling or even obvious intelligence. But do you have to wear your fupidity on your sleeve like some badge of honor? (Fupitidity is Karenspeak for "flipping stupidity" if you didn't get that)

u know this mite B a god way 2 writ bc it saves lots of tim & energy but i dont no wether its worth the aggr@vation 2 writ this way bc i think if u do it makes u a looser but i coold be rong cause i've been wrong b4 i guess i should just b happee that ppl r willing 2 red my journul bc if i were u i wouldnt bother since im obviously fupider than ur

P.S. Everyone should stop getting all defensive. I was referring to a specific moron, but not any of you.
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Shabbos Success at Last!

We had such a nice shabbos. Hooray! This was particularly good because it had the potential to be very not good. Thursday as I was preparing for Shabbos, I pulled out the chicken I had purchased on Wednesday. The sell-by date was Friday. It was spoiled. YUCK. I am so tired of buying spoiled chicken. ARGH. It's enough to make a girl a vegetarian. By then it was too late to buy more chicken as all the kosher stores were closed. So I pulled ground beef out of the freezer to make meatballs. But the auto defrost on our new microwave works too well, and it cooked the beef. So I was a bit panicked for a while. Ultimately, though, we had a lovely dinner.

We had 11 people including ourselves and it was lovely. Our meal consisted of:
  • Traditional boiled gefilte fish and also fish fritters (I ran out of time to make the garlic tofu dip, so first course was just fish).
  • An extremely delicious salad featuring mixed baby greens, mandarin oranges, raspberries, cucumbers, quartered cherry tomatoes, and sliced green onions. All tossed with a vinaigrette made of juice from the oranges, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, dry mustard, and sugar. Yummers.
  • Teriyaki chicken breasts and thighs (there were four of each in the freezer which I defrosted overnight and popped in the oven when I got home Friday.
  • One of the frozen Empire BBQ chickens, served warm.
  • Chicken & Turkey Apple sausages with sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms.
  • Potato Kugel
  • black bean salad, bow tie pasta salad, and green bean salad from Shalom's.
  • Black forest cake for dessert.

The company was great, conversation was good and the evening was just generally a success.
After dinner, Seth, Becky, and the two kids (Aaron and Kayleigh) played Bitin' Off Hedz in the sunroom while Diane and I talked in the kitchen while cleaning up, and Jo, Cary, Bea, and Diane's Mom and Grandmother talked in the living room. It was nice how easily people broke into groups and enjoyed each other's company. Once Becky and Aaron left, Diane and her family left soon after, and then Jo, Cary, Bea, Seth & I talked until I was practically asleep. Then to bed!

It was a great night.

Only to start over the next morning. Seth woke me up so he could go to shul. I put away the long table (which is to say, I moved it out of the way) so that Becky, Aaron, Seth and I could have a more intimate lunch setting. Julian was being a monster and he kept threatening to take a nap, so I didn't go to shul. Instead, I made fruit salad and a green salad and played some games with Julian. We had a lovely dairy lunch with bagels, cream cheese, salad, fruit salad, and fruit tarts for dessert. The salad I made Saturday was similar to Friday's but I didn't have raspberries or mandarin oranges so I used strawberries and mangoes instead.

After lunch, Becky and I looked at a house that is for sale three houses down from mine. It was really adorable, built in 1940 but in sort of an English-cottage-style. Close to the same size as ours, but perhaps with a tiny bit more useable space than we have plus one more bathroom (but also slightly less storage space). Slightly less land, but very nicely landscaped. And $200K more than we paid for ours a year ago. Unbelievable, really. Makes me wonder what ours will go for in a year or two. While Becky and I were gone, Aaron and Seth played Bitin' off Hedz again. After we came back, Seth went to look at the house (we couldn't all go together b/c Julian was napping), and then we all sat in the living room talking, again until I practically fell asleep.

Seth kindly let me sleep from 3 or 4 (I can't remember) until he would have come back from Mincha. I say would have because he'd been planning to take Julian with him, but couldn't because there was an incredible thunder & lightning storm going on. Then Seth took a nap himself while I entertained Julian/lazed around.

My mother came after shabbos so we could go to psujedi and caryabend's house to watch SW Ep 1 & 2. Well, except that I only made it through one episode. So we got home before 1am instead of after 3am which we'd expected. This is not entirely a bad thing. My mother, knowing that Seth wanted to go to shul in the morning and knowing that I wasn't feeling fabulous opted to spend the night so she could take care of Julian while Seth was at shul. Hoooray for mommy. The rest of Sunday was okay. Seth, Julian, Mom and I went to lunch at Max's. Then Mom and I went shopping while Seth and Julian went to Home Depot (and then home for Julian's nap). I got Julian a bunch of new clothes with a gift certificate his paternal grandparents had sent us. He's outgrown everything he needs, the little weed!!! But the rest of the day was a wash. I had a ridiculously bad migraine and I was pretty much out of it for the rest of the day. I didn't make it to the baby shower I was supposed to go to, nor the the Tastefully Simple party I was supposed to try to get to after the baby shower. I slept until 5:30 when Seth woke me up and I lazed around groggily for a long time after that. My head still hurt despite multiple attempts at pain medicine and Julian was melting down and it was NOT pretty. So Julian went to bed early for the second day in a row, and we got a babysitter so Seth could take me to the grocery store. I'm better at picking out fruit than Seth, but I couldn't drive myself the mile to Whole Foods. So that was our compromise.

Then we came home and watched some Angel until we were too tired to stay awake any longer.

And the next thing I knew, it was this morning. TOO FREAKING EARLY THIS MORNING. Ahem. Julian woke up well before 6 and I was unamused.

That is all.
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I bought a lens for the camera today. Yay for me. I can hardly wait until it arrives.

Now I want a macro lens. :-D I've barely figured out how to turn this camera on and I want a macro lens? What the bleepity bleep is wrong with me?
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