May 11th, 2005

curious george

Essay question time! Get out your pencils...

I saw this statement (now being taken completely out of context, fwiw) in a community today:

australia is an americanised country

Seems like a harmless statement. But since when? In what way? Does this mean there's no "Australian culture"? I find that extremely difficult to believe.

Does it mean that American culture and media has taken over for any semblance of Australian identity? Is there no authentic Australian culture or lifestyle? I find this extremely difficult to believe.

If this chick had been American, I would have been offended at how Americentric she is... but she's from Australia, so it makes me even more curious.

So, whether you're in Australia or not, I'm curious whether you think Australia is Americanized. And why do you think that it is or isn't? What other countries would you characterize as Americanized? What essential elements of American culture do you think another country has to have absorbed to be classified as Americanized?
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