May 5th, 2005

carcassone george

We have a winner!

We have a winner! Congratulations to have_inner_lady. Though in all fairness, it took some hints. And she was the only one who kept playing at that point.

Still, I think I'll still let her request a journal entry on a topic of her choosing. No promises on when it will be done, but I'll do my best to give it near-top-priority.
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Yom Hasho'ah?

Is it just me or is my calendar wrong?
All day I've been seeing posts about today being Yom Hasho'ah. Except my calendar (the Jewish Museum Appointment Calendar) says Yom Hasho'ah is tomorrow, May 6th. Or is today May 6th? Maybe I just didn't realize that today's the 6th?

I thought maybe my calendar was wrong, but also says that Yom Hasho'ah is May 6, 2005.

Am I losing it?