May 4th, 2005

fraggle rock!

Where, oh where, have I been?

Wow, I feel like it's been a while. Though technically I did update yesterday.

Last days of Pesach were less than optimal. Seth was sick, sick, sick. Not good. We had a lovely Shabbos dinner, but Seth pretty much collapsed after dinner. Saturday I was dressed and ready to go to shul for the first time in *mumble*mumble* (well, suffice it to say, a LONG time). But I quickly realized I couldn't go because Julian was being a holy terror (no taking him to shul...he was meltdown-boy/short-attention-span-boy) and Seth was completely out of it. No movement whatsoever from his bed. Not even a groan or a grunt or anything. I wasn't even sure he was breathing until I looked real close. So no way was he going to be able to handle Julian sans TV. I got out of shul clothes and Julian and I played in the living room for a bit, played outside for a bit, and then I let him rampage for a while while I tried desperately to stay awake on the couch. Occasionally, he'd bring me a book and I'd read it to him. Sunday went much the same way, but Seth was slightly more alive.

We did get to play a couple of games Saturday night/Sunday. That was nice. We tend not to be able to play games anymore either because the monster needs (and deserves) attention, or because we're too darned exhausted. So it's nice to have that opportunity again. He beat me in the first game of Carcassonne. I was very sad. But he only beat me because he stole my strategy after realizing that my strategy always works and his never does. So darnit. I had to modify my strategy after that, and we had some close calls, but I did, indeed, win the next game. Hah! (I'm a very poor winner, I know that)

We also played Phase 10, which is a rummy-style card game in, you guessed it, 10 phases. It's a game I'd really like to like. But I don't. And it's really because I think they did the math poorly. I like rummy-style games. And I like the variations, because how many times can you just play regular rummy (or Gin)? Plus, Seth doesn't like Gin (or gin rummy), so tricking him into playing rummy via other kinds of card games is a great compromise! :) Anywho, the point is, I think the math doesn't work right.

I started typing out the basics of the game, but I realized I don't have all the info in front of me. Suffice it to say, I'm going to post it all with my guesses as to what's wrong with the game, but I am definitely looking for input. I think it could be a pretty decent game, but first I've got to re-write the rules. Most notably, I'm betting that glenbarnett could do the math in his sleep, whereas I'm too lazy to do all the math and I'm doing some of it by gut instinct. Maybe I'm completely wrong and he'll explain why. But I'm betting I'm not completely wrong. Anyway. Point is, I want to like the game, and I'll be enlisting all of you to help me modify the game so that I do! Whew.

Sunday night I went and bought Krispy Kremes. Yum. Then I went about trying to turn my kitchen back to normal. HAH! About 15 minutes into it, I felt sick. I stood in the doorway to the bedroom explaining to Seth that I felt sick. Really sick. I couldn't move because every time I moved I thought I was going to throw up. And I felt like that for an hour until I decided it was safe to go back to the kitchen and try to keep working. Four minutes later, I was praying to the porcelain gods. Bleh. That went on all freaking night. Joy.

I was still determined to go to work, though, because I had a deadline (today) and I needed to work. Except, well, every time I got up to get ready for work, I threw up. Eventually, I called out sick. Gina arrived, I handed Julian to her and told her that if she needed me, she should call Seth and I went downstairs to be away from toddler-land, and fell asleep with a kitty kat. I woke up 6 hours later. By then Julian and the nanny were gone, and I came upstairs, drank about an ounce of coke, and curled up in bed for several more hours. All in all, not a productive day.

Yesterday I was well enough to come to work, though I still felt pretty shaky. I wasn't loving the idea, but the fact is, I had work to do and therefore not a lot of choice. In fact, I felt well enough during the day that I thought I was well enough to go out to dinner with some friends last night (including Jen and Seth who are returning to Uzbekistan on Sunday). I felt okay through dinner, though not 100%. But when I stood to go, I realized I was completely dizzy. I let it calm down a little and then I headed home. I was sick the rest of the night.

But now! Now I feel much better. And I met my deadline with two hours to spare! Because I ROCK! :-D And I'm hoping to return to my normal picture-taking-habits of the monster, so that you can all see how much he's changed!
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fraggle rock!

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However, so far, ONE person has guessed to the penny!

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Pictures! At long last!

Finally! New pictures of the monster!

April was not a very prolific picture-taking-month. Aside from Passover preparations, I kept forgetting to put batteries in the camera, so it was never ready when I needed it. Now we've got batteries in the camera and we're starting May off right by posting the pictures that are left from March and April!

Julian is really doing well. He's saying a lot of words consistently now: please, more, fire (firetruck), truck, bus, bee, bird, tree, me, Abba, no (of course), digger, dump truck, duck, kitty, animal, car, train, frog, cheese, milk, water, shoe, sock, cracker, book and much more! He's also getting much more interested in repeating sounds back to us when we say them.

His favorite foods include: hot dogs, french fries, cheese, MILK, yogurt, applesauce, sliced apples, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, pizza, pretzels, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, omelets, and animal cookies.

He's quite tall and he's definitely getting lanky. He's having to learn that his legs are longer, so sometimes he doesn't pick up his feet quite as much as he should, but he's adjusting quite well. He loves the kitty kats slightly more than they love him, but they do tolerate him. He gets very excited when a cat walks into the room.

Most importantly, he LOVES people. All people. He's not afraid of anyone and loves having new people to play with. Everyone gets big toothy grins and enormous smiles, and he loves giving hugs and kisses. He's happy to show off for anyone and everyone, so come by and see him! We would love to see you. (Eema & Abba could use some adult conversation!)

Anyway, here is the link for the pictures: