April 18th, 2005

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Still not done with the kitchen. I've made good progress, but I'm running out of steam. I haven't done the fridge yet. Sigh.

At least the stove and oven are done. I burnt myself pretty badly on the stove, though. Bleh.

I'll be happy when the kitchen is finished. It'll get there. Sooner or later.

Seth finished laying the tile in the kitchen so now it's all clean and pretty and stuff. I love him. He also mowed the lawn because he rocks.

Going back to it now. Darnit, the washer is off-balance. Gotta get that first.
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I can do this. Yes I can.

  • Okay, here's my first quandary. We're having guests Friday night. Important guests. Which is to say, they're visiting from Uzbekistan. So I want dinner to be special. And yummy! And of course, sans matzoh. :( What to do, what to do!? I need menu ideas NOW! :-D

    Okay, so that's number one.

  • The second quandary is that I have two lovely ripe avocados at home that need to be used tonight. Yes, I could just make guacamole, but we don't have anything to use to dip into it. So maybe I'll just do some slices of avocado. Dinner is store-bought rotisserie chicken. Perhaps I could carve it and we could make sandwiches with avocado slices. Darnit! That would require that we have bread. Phooey. So basically, nothing to do with the lovely avocados. Oooh. I'll buy some salad greens and we'll just make a nice salad. That's what we'll do. Whoo hoo. Okay, so maybe it's not a quandary anymore. But if anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to them.

  • The rest of it is I'm wondering how I'm going to finish all of this. I'm just not sure. My mother came over and spent ALL DAY with the monster so that we could accomplish things in and around the house. Seth mowed the lawn for the first time since August. It looks SO Much nicer now. We have a different lawn mower now, and it's obvious that this one is better quality. It did a much better job.

  • I emptied out a bunch of cabinets and our pantry and moved a bunch of things (appliances, mostly) into the pantry and closed off the pantry with plastic sheeting. Go me. I kashered the stove and oven. And burnt myself. Ouch. two counters are covered and I've pulled out my Pesach boxes. I don't have nearly enough pots and pans. Crud. I'm going to have to kasher some, which I was trying to avoid. Or buy new! But that would require money. I've already spent more money than usual on Pesach stuff, because I'm terrified that Julian won't eat anything. Of course, he'll be fine. I'm just being silly. Anyway, I bought a new microwave and set that up, but I haven't take out the old one yet, because I want to be able to heat things up for the next couple of days while I'm in limbo.

  • HEY! I know I can't use real matzoh Friday night for dinner, but could I cook with egg matzoh?? Is that allowed? I know, I know, ask the Rav.

  • I need to keep reminding myself that I'm leagues ahead of where I was last year. Last year since we were going to be away for the sedarim and the last days, and only eating at home for 3 or 4 days as a result, I was determined not to kasher my kitchen. We were going to live out of a mini-fridge and microwave for the week and I was going to close off and sell the kitchen. I was absoultely convinced of this until 2 days before Pesach when I suddenly decided it had to happen. And that's when I started. It still all got done. So there.

  • That's about it. I have to stop for masking tape and packing tape on my way home. And fruit. Lots o' fruit. Part of the reason my kitchen isn't done is because I ran out of tape. No such excuses tonight.
  • headache

    You have GOT to be kidding me!

    Another one of my teeth chipped. DAMMIT. Okay, so sorry to all you frummies out there who may be shocked by such vocabulary. But this is extremely aggravating (and painful!). And I do NOT have time to deal with this before Pesach and I cannot deal with this DURING Pesach. And basically, I'm NOT dealing with this.


    (And my stupid ear hurts again, but that's almost basically normal at this point.)
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