April 15th, 2005

Domestic Goddess

shabbos update

I got home from work fairly early, picked Julian up from the nanny and whisked him off to Whole Foods. I used to hate that place, but I love it now. I mostly go there for the produce section. I had previously been feeling completely uninspired re: Shabbos dinner, but I feel much better now. Oh, it would probably help to give some thought to shabbos lunch, but I forgot about that. Phooey. Guess I'm not going to bed anytime soon. Oh well, it's only 1am now.

Anywho, we were in the produce section of Whole Foods for probably 45 minutes and still didn't see all the fun fruits and veggies they had. But the section was definitely inspiring me to come up with some yummy dishes. I only went in there to buy fruit for fruit salad (I've been doing a fruit salad every shabbos for several weeks and it works out really well. I like it!

For fruit salad I got: Pineapple, honeydew (bring on the migraines!), watermelon, mango, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries (ick), blackberries, raspberries, and dried fruit to sprinkle on top. I think that's it. There might have been more that I'm forgetting.

BUT, I also saw amazing looking orange and yellow bell peppers and I had to have them! I figure I'll do some stewed peppers with onions right before shabbos. Mushrooms too. Porcini, bella, shitake, oyster...you name it. Well, that meant I needed to make soup. And, um, NOT burn it this week. And Spinach! Lots o' spinach! And fresh basil! So meat lasagna it was! And beautiful huge onions. And some apples called pink ladies or something. Mmm. Mmmm. And beautiful cucumbers and vine ripened tomatoes. Along with some garlic and basil, that'll make a lovely marinated dish. Mmmmm. Mmmm. And summer squash. That's quick and easy, and incredibly TASTY!

So yeah. I spent a lot of money on, well, produce. And I had a good time doing it too! And I found fake pop tarts. Organic toaster pastries or some such things. And they're KOSHER! (And no hydrogenated oils, which is even better) Oh the wonderful things I found! Also lots of gluten free products which I must remember next time Becky's mom is in town. I had no idea you could make gluten free pasta (well, none of that was kosher, so I won't be getting it, but it's neat!). It's made from brown rice. Weird, huh?

Oh! And Apple Cider! Yum!

Basically a good time was had at Whole Foods. Julian had a great time too. He flirted with everyone, including the bearded lady who tried to give him a strawberry. He loved seeing all the colors and shapes of all the neat fruits. He really liked the look of the star fruit. After we came home, he ate a half a pint of blueberries, and about a dozen grapes, along with a couple vegetarian chicken nuggets, some cheese, a couple groupies (pareve goldfish crackers), two pieces of watermelon and a bit of a piece of honeydew. Clearly he was hungry!

Anyway, I said this was a shabbos update. So here's the deal:

Soup: Mushroom & Onion soup with kielbasa and alphabet pasta (I was out of orzo). Tasty! Anywho, this is DONE!
Lasagna: DONE! Well, it's assembled anyway. It's a cheeseless lasagna with meat, onions, mushrooms, spinach, basil (and well, you know, tomato sauce and noodles). This is in the fridge!
Mushrooms: Oh, haven't done those yet. Will do.

I was going to make fish, but I've decided not to.

Tomorrow when I get home I shall sautee the summer squash, assemble the fruit salad, pop the lasagna in the oven, heat up the garlic bread, make the tomato & cucumber salad, think strongly about making a green salad, and voila! Dinner! Mmmm. Mmmmmm.

I think that's enough. So off to contemplate shabbos lunch and clean up the kitchen after doing my mushrooms. I'm trying to decide whether to use a shabbos icon or my domestic goddess icon. But I think I have to use the goddess icon, because SHE"S BACK, BABY!
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Can someone please explain to me why it is that I just spent twenty minutes cleaning the kitchen and dining room floors when I have a cleaning lady coming tomorrow afternoon?????

That said, my mushrooms are done. There aren't as many as I'd hoped. I always misjudge how much water they lose when cooked down. Further, I've decided to bake the summer squash rather than sauteeing it, so I've put together a casserole of lovely summer squash. It should be tasty.

I used to love winter and detest spring and summer, but I'm beginning to realize the joy of spring and summer produce. It's just so much better. :-D

Fall produce is still the best, though.


I admit defeat, and I'm going to bed.

ETA: I just realized Seth's alarm is going off in 90 minutes and I'm only just now going to crawl into bed. Wow. This is not wise.
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Family May 2012

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  • The A/C guys have just about finished putting registers in the house (they have 2 more to do downstairs in the basement, but that's it). They're laying duct work now. Next week they'll do all the electrical stuff. Sounds like they're right on target to be finished by mid-week next week. I'm so excited. On the other hand, I'm a little reserved because I keep thinking "we sure as heck BETTER get our investment back when we sell the house." So I'm a little bitter about the money. I keep feeling like we ought to be able to live with window units and such. Except it's easy for me to say that now. But in August when I'm in the kitchen (an un-air-conditionable part of the house if we're only using window units) cooking and sweating, I'll remember why central air wasn't a frivolous investment.
  • Julian gets cuter every day. I spent a long time not realizing that it was *possible* for him to get cuter. He's got a couple less than cute habits though. When you're not doing what he wants you to be doing, he shouts "NO!" and hits you. Or he throws something. Tuesday afternoon when we came home I gave him a sippy cup of milk. When he'd sucked down all the milk he said "More Milk" which really was more like "Mah meh." I told him we didn't have any more milk and that Abba was bringing some home. I suggested water as a substitute. "NO!" he shouted, and threw his sippy cup (a very hard plastic cup) across the room as hard as he could. Glad I wasn't in the way. OUCH.
  • I think I have heartburn.
  • My boss went to the Nationals game last night, and now he looks like hell. He didn't sleep enough, poor thing. It has made for a boring day in the office because he's so low energy. Not that I'm not.
  • Dinner tonight should be pretty tasty.
  • If, that is, I manage not to burn anything between now and then. I'm not holding my breath.
  • I'm so tired. And I feel ill. Lunch did not agree with me.
  • It's tax day. We owed Federal. I'm okay with that.

I have absolutely nothing else remotely interesting to say. I shouldn't say "nothing else" because that implies that I had anything interesting to say in the first place.