March 30th, 2005

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I have lots o' pictures of the boy, but no time to get them off the camera and into cyberspace. One of these days I'll get to it!

His canines are coming in. OUCHY. And he's very cranky as a result. That is no fun at all. Not even a little bit.

Now he's also got an extremely runny nose and a cough. The cough is from the drippy nose. The drippy nose is just plain disgusting.


There's lots more to write about including Purim, Shabbos, the Banquet, and the evil post-banquet people.

But all in due-time. You know, like when I finish the work for today's deadline.
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Domestic Goddess

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I suppose I should go buy the dreaded Blumenkrantz already. Maybe I'll order it online so I can pretend I didn't mean to get it.
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I am TIRED of stupid ear infections. I can't believe I'm asking this but seriously, please daven that I stop getting these stupid ear infections (Esther Chaya bas Sarah). It's been like one big giant ear infection since OCTOBER! I am so done with this!

I went and purchased some nectar of the gods (tm) and on my way back from the soda machine, my ear popped and I could hear out of it for a whole 8 seconds! How pathetic is it that I'm this excited about 8 seconds of unimpaired hearing? And it's not just the hearing that's an issue. It is a heck of a lot of pain!
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Nectar Acquired. Resuming Functionality. Please wait.

I think I mentioned that my coworker and I are going for a walk around the building during our so-called "lunch hour." I neither leave for lunch nor take an hour to do so, but whatever. Anyway, our building is huge. HUGE. It's like a Giant E, except that it has 7 arms instead of the three on a typical E. The top two floors also have a connecting corridor through the middle, so it's like a giant grid upstairs. We walk every corridor of the top two floors up and down and then return to the office. It takes us about 40 minutes. It's not a lot, but it's more than the nothing I was doing before. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to bring different shoes for these walks, so I've been taking these rather brisk walks in my dress shoes, which are 1" heals, give or take. They're not high, but they're really not meant for long-distance walking.

So now I have BLISTERS on my feet from today's walk and I'm not enjoying it. I am, however, enjoying that I feel like I raised my heartrate up for a while and my calf muscles are burning, so maybe they worked a little bit extra because of the shoes.

Boy am I going to enjoy sleeping tonight! Of course, part of that is that I spent WAY too much time cleaning last night and only got about 3.5 hours of sleep. Argh.
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evil kitty


We did an important thing this morning. In the long run, it will be nothing but good. But in the short term, it's making me feel rather inadequate.

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