March 24th, 2005



Lauren's already seen this since it's the exact text of the email I sent this morning. Please note that my synagogue's banquet is SUNDAY. Please note that the RSVP deadline was March 7th.
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the best

I have the best husband. Really.
And the best friends I could ever ask for.

For reasons that aren't important, my father and I got into a fight. When my father and I fight, it's really devastating to me because he has zero tolerance for it and because most of the time, we have an amazing relationship, so fighting with him just sucks badly. At least fighting with my mother is occasionally cathartic. ;)

Anyway, suffice it to say, I lost it. Again. And Seth was at gaming. And I called him while I was completely hysterical. And he wasn't annoyed. He just asked if I needed him to come home (that would have been silly). And I sort of calmed down and let him go back to gaming.

And I talked with Lauren and Laura. And they both rocked. Completely.

And now I'm okay. And my dad called back and we smoothed things out and agreed to talk again on Monday (he suggested tonight, but tonight is Purim, tomorrow is shabbos, Saturday night I'll be doing banquet crap, and Sunday is the banquet). So all is well for the most part.

And then there's my marvelous grocery-going husband. Who didn't yell at me for calling him 98398740245 times while he was in Giant saying, "Oh, wait just two more things!" and "I'm sorry, I forgot about the..." and so on.

That Damn Cat

Charlie peed in my candy bowl. I had a big huge bowl full of candy for shaloch manos.

Fortunately, I already made 26 shaloch manos and that will simply have to do. It's just that it was a LOT of candy.

That little rat. He may not live long enough to get to a new foster home through Siamese Rescue. I might kill him.
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