March 23rd, 2005

anime me

You should all be jealous of my stunning beauty

Okay, well, I'm not stunning.

But I am having a good makeup day today.

And a good hair (er, sheitel) day today also.

I have nothing else useful to say except that I feel all sophisticated because I'm wearing black pantyhose instead of "nude" pantyhose. It's a shame there's nothing about me that actually IS sophisticated. Oh well.

Oh, also, someone told me on Monday that I need to LOVE my eyebrows. I hate them. I can't love them. I must do something about this. I wonder if you could have your eyebrows Alased just like any other "unwanted hair." This is definitely something to look into! :)
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Family May 2012

more girly stuff.

I would like to paint my fingernails.

I would like to feel like I have the time to paint my fingernails.

I would also like to have a pedicure someday.

Also, I just remembered why I don't wear black pantyhose. The dreaded RUN IN THE TOE! Grrrrr. I hope it doesn't spread too far.
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Family May 2012


Today my coworker and I successfully determined that an Australian accent is nothing more than a glorified Boston accent.
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