March 17th, 2005

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Hooray for Kosher Cabot!

I've been very frustrated that Cabot cheese is Tablet-K certified, but products that cabot cheese is used in is OU certified. I don't eat Tablet-K cheese. I do eat OU cheese. I've been writing to Cabot for about six months now trying to convince them that there IS marketability if they certified their whole cheese line through the OU. Apparently I wasn't the only one.

(Note: this cheese is NOT cholov yisroel)

I received this email on a list recently:
The Cabot Creamery of Cabot, Vermont, producers of award-winning cheddar,
now offer an OU certified sharp cheddar. This is a marketing test which is
currently available through their web site, and is their first OU certified
hard cheese. It’s a bit more expensive than the locally available kosher
cheddars, but its flavor is far superior to that of Miller’s and HaOlam (my
shipment came today, so that’s my opinion).

Here’s what Cabot says:

OU Kosher Sharp Cheddar
All of the cheeses in our online store (except for Smoky Bacon Cheddar) are
already certified kosher by Tablet-K and certified halal by the Islamic Food
and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). However, we have received many
consumer inquiries about providing OU-certified cheddar, so we are
conducting this market test. If successful, we will make this product a
permanent addition to our web shopping selection. In the future, we may even
explore making it available through your local supermarket.

I obtained the following information from Cabot with regards to how long this market test will be run before they decide whether to continue supporting the product:

As you know, the OU Sharp Cheddar is now exclusively sold only through our online shopping website. I am told that this test will be extended through Passover, while the supply lasts. At that time, Cabot will make their decision whether the sales merrit them releasing it for distribution to our retail partners. The quicker the cheese is sold the better chances for release at a future date. It would be great if the cheese could be released during the week of Shavuot. We will have to wait and see.

So PLEASE!!! Go buy this product! :)
(though I will say you'll want to get in on it with friends because the shipping is quite prohibitive.)
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