March 14th, 2005

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Shabbos worked out in the end. I mean, it always does, right?

Shabbos dinner an ancient Jewish tradition dictates that I must always forget some side dish (usually rice) if the Felds are present for dinner. This week I remembered the rice, which would have been a miracle had Harold not been sticking to his responsibility to ask me about rice every time he walks in the door. I forgot the apple kugel. Oh well. We were planning on company for Saturday anyway, and it's good cold, so no big deal right? I had a good excuse anyway:

Seth left for shul, I lit candles and kissed Julian. Then I remembered that the apple kugel was in the downstairs refrigerator and I didn't want to forget about it. So I ran down to the basement and ran back up. I was back within about 15 seconds. Literally. But there was a problem. The door from the basement to the dining room was locked. Um. Crap. Meanwhile, I could hear Julian happily playing in the living room. Double crap. At least he was happy, right? And it wasn't like he could fall down the stairs to the basement, since, you know, the basment door was LOCKED (probably by him). The kitchen gate was closed, the sunroom (where my candles were burning) was closed so there really wasn't anything he could hurt himself on. Fortunately, Seth hadn't locked the front door when he left for shul. I rested the apple kugel on the dryer, found a snood in the basement, went out through the garage and around to the front door, and got back into the house. But I left the apple kugel downstairs on the dryer. I didn't realize until we were most of the way done with dinner and about to serve dessert. Oh well. No one starved.

I accidentally left my oven on, so the chicken (which thankfully was tightly covered with aluminum foil) was overcooked, but otherwise everything was fine. I made teryaki chicken and sweet and sour chicken, rice with orzo, a tasty spinach/arugula/avocado/tomato/cucumber salad, potato kugel (store bought), and um, I think something else. Oh, right, we had a fish course with the gefilte fish fritter thingies and garlic-dill tofu dip. Dessert was a surprisingly good store-bought chocolate fudge cake. I don't typically like things that are that chocolatey, and I don't typically like Shalom's bakery cakes, but this cake broke both normal rules. The cake was moist and fudgy and even attractive looking. So it was all good.

We did have a near-disaster pre-shabbos, though. The base to my crock pot had been on the floor of the kitchen for lack of a better place to put it while we were preparing. Sometime during the day on Friday, Charlie PEED IN IT. Suffice it to say, I was less than thrilled since I didn't have a contingency plan for Saturday's lunch. Seth was able to clean & disinfect it, and it, thankfully, was not the part of the crock pot that food actually goes in. The crock was in the fridge filled with cholent. Still, I was NOT amused. Whatever, we worked it out in plenty of time, but I did not enjoy the pre-shabbos stress. One more episode remotely similar to that and I'm going to cease having sympathy for Charlie's plight.

Anyway, in the end, our shabbos lunch guests cancelled because their daughter had a high fever, so I had a huge crock-full of cholent, a whole apple kugel (mind you, this apple kugel could easily feed 15+ people), a huge salad, marinated tomatoes, and sesame noodles for...well, me. Seth too, but he wasn't feeling very well. Mostly, I ate the cucumbers out of the salad. We had lots of leftovers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

so despite the rocky start, shabbos worked out, as it always does.

Seth fell asleep before Shabbos even ended (as did Julian). So I did some cleaning and talked to my mom for a while before crashing.

More later...
Domestic Goddess


After Shabbos, I cleaned the downstairs "kitchen" and emptied out a few boxes that have been sitting around since we moved in. Mostly things we don't need. The rest of it I moved into more out-of-the-way storage.

Then I laid a few more tiles in the hallway and the bathroom. I'm not done. Many of the tiles I haven't put down are ones that I need Seth to cut. I've screwed up enough tiles by trying to save him the work of cutting them that I've come to accept that I'm not saving him any work by cutting tiles that he just has to re-do later. We need to bring the second bed downstairs and put up some new curtains in the TV room, but then we are done with Stage 1 of the TV room work. We'll work on the walls some other time in the DISTANT future.

Sunday, while I was running errands, Seth hung about 3/4 of the wallpaper in the kitchen. When I got back, I started to organize our pantry a bit. Pesach Preparations are not going to be pleasant. I'm not kidding. Later we talked about rewallpapering the bathroom, but I want to finish with some of these other projects first. Slowly, but surely, the house is coming together. I'm on hold right now with the blinds place to see if they'll come out and measure for blinds and help me figure out what to put up. I'm tired of living with towels over our windows! And the glare in the sunroom is getting to be too great. I know it's a sunroom, so there should be sun, but it would be nice if we could control the intensity a little bit.

I put curtains in the living room windows. The curtains, it turns out, are too short, so I'll stick 'em in the basement and buy longer ones for these windows. But for the moment, I've got the short curtains up, and it's incredible what a difference it makes. The room actually looks bigger. Isn't that weird?

Anyway, I have pictures of all the work we've done so far, but I haven't posted them yet for lack of time. Besides, these are interim photos, so the work isn't done yet.