March 11th, 2005



Why couldn't TODAY have been the day that Julian slept until 6:40 instead of yesterday?? And why couldn't TODAY be the day that our nanny arrives 50 minutes early instead of yesterday? (yesterday when she arrived I was taking advantage of Julian's late wake-up, so I wasn't up when she walked in the door... Julian woke up when he heard the door).


My head is pounding, probably from lack of sleep and being jarred awake. My eyes are bleary (so I accept no responsibility for any typos in this post). My whole body is stiff and I can barely turn my neck again. I guess it's time for more muscle relaxants. But not until I get home from work. Le sigh.

Seth's work needs to stop scheduling him on Fridays. Fridays are supposed to be MY day to go in early so that I can get a full day in. Not that I would have especially enjoyed going in at 6:30 today, but having missed several days this week, it sure would have been nice.

I got an apple kugel finished, and I fried 45 pieces of fish. Fortunately, they're small, and it didn't take too long. In other accomplishments last night, I caught up on the backlog of banquet stuff I had to deal with and got the updated spreadsheets off to the relevant people. What else? Oh, yeah, I pretty much accomplished nothing else. I did marinate the chicken and get the cholent together. Seth will pop the chicken in the oven when he gets home. I'll take care of rice and salad when I get home, and hopefully tofu dip. I bought store-bought potato kugel, so fortunately, I don't have to deal with that. I feel like such a lazy slug. I also bought sesame noodles. I suck for not having more in the way of vegetables. We'll see what time I get out of work and maybe I'll be able to rectify that. Wouldn't count on it, though.

On the way home, I have to pick up: soda, lettuce, and a cucumber. Maybe two cucumbers.
kitten hammock

The Charlie Saga

Some background about Charlie:
Seth got his cat Charlie about 4 1/2 years ago. Charlie is half Siamese, half whatever (tabby, I guess). He's a beautiful cat, with beautiful markings, and Seth chose him because he was very cuddly and loving when he went to pick him out. (What Seth didn't realize then was that Charlie was ONLY interested in cuddling on his own, very unpredictable terms, but he's actually mellowed a bit over the last couple of years) Seth got Charlie through the Siamese Rescue Foundation from a woman named S. S obviously loves cats, for how else could she take care of finding them homes, caring for them, offering advice to pet owners, etc. My guess is that she's still got a day job, so her love of cats is on top of whatever other responsibilities she's got. And good for her. I applaud her dedication to these animals that clearly need caring, responsible, loving homes.

When you get a cat from a Rescue Foundation (any of a number, not Siamese-specific), you sign a contract. You promise that the cat will be exclusively an indoor-cat (outdoor cats have a dramatically lower life-expectancy). You promise never to declaw the cat if it hasn't been already. You promise to return the cat to the Rescue Foundation if you find yourself unable to care for the cat, rather than finding it another home or, worse, sending it to a shelter where it could be euthanised. These are all fair and reasonable rules.
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(no subject)

After my last entry about Charlie, which I really didn't expect to be a big ol' saga, I started thinking about how loyal my friends are for actually reading my entries. I know at least some of you do, because you make comments. The rest of you, I assume, fall asleep when you see how long it is. It's amazing that I couldn't get through NaNoWriMo, but I can write 1700 words about a cat. So that said, Do you think I should stop blithering?

Poll #452727 Blitherings

Are my entries too long? Should I stick to shorter entries?

Good heavens! You're so boring it hurts, stop writing all together!
No, I love your long entries. They are thought-provoking and exciting. I read each word with antici.............................pation.
Who the heck cares how long your entries are? It's your journal!
I want pizza. I don't care about your journal.
zzzzzzzzzzz..................wha? oh. right. uh. What was the question?
You think YOUR entries are long? You should see mine!
You're so cool. I want to be just like you when I grow up.
You don't post nearly often enough.
Regardless of how long they are, you post way the heck too often.
None of the above or Other (use comments)
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Family May 2012

(no subject)

Since yesterday, I've posted about 5,000 words in my journal. I never realized I was that prolific.

Edited to Add: That doesn't include comments I posted in any journal (Mine or otherwise)
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gerber daisy!

shaloch manos update and other weighty matters.

Since Seth was at BJs yesterday, I had him pick up a varity of candy and such. He got pringle snack packs, nabisco cookie variety pack thingies, ghiradelli chocolate squares, Hershey's miniatures, Sunkist fruit thingies, and twizzlers. While I was at Shalom's doing shabbos shopping, I picked up a case of mini grape juice bottles. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy hamentashen. Making them simply is NOT going to happen this year.

Now I just have to figure out packaging. I would love to be all creative and stuff, but I think I'm just going to get gift bags or wine bags or something. And some of that krinkly papery stuff that's like the plastic grass people use in Easter baskets, except it's made of paper not plastic and comes in lots of colors, but I can't remember what it's called and I have no earthly idea where to find it. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Next year I'm going to start this earlier. Actually, I probably would have started this earlier if it weren't for all the banquet/journal work I was doing for the shul. I can't wait until the banquet is over. Of course, then Passover preparations begin. But somehow, I feel like I can face that a little easier, which doesn't make any sense at all. I think it's because if I'm not ready in time for Passover, it affects me (and Seth). But if I'm not ready for the banquet, it affects a couple hundred people and the shul's financial stability. That's a lotta weight and I think it's really been getting to me.

Anyway, cheating a little on Shabbos dinner this week and on the shaloch manos makes me feel a little better in terms of the stress. So I'm sure I'll be okay. I am feeling unworthy of my "Domestic Goddess" icon. I can't wait until I feel like I can use it without guilt again.
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