March 10th, 2005

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All right. I give up. I've gone 220 entries back on my friends page and I still haven't caught up. So far as I'm concerned, nothing that important could have happened in any of your lives. I know G didn't have her baby yet, so that's the most urgent thing for me to know.

As for the rest of you, if you've gotten engaged, divorced, hired, fired, kicked, punched, romanced, accepted to grad school, rejected from grad school, or whatever, please let me know and point me to the good, bad, or ugly news. If you've gotten pregnant, I really don't need to know. I'm kidding. If you're pregnant and you didn't tell me, you'd better tell me now!

Right. Now that that's out of the way... I can get on with what's going on with me.

First, I'm not pregnant. Not that any of you thought I was, but on Thursday I found out about someone who just had a baby that I didn't even realize was pregnant. She's been married less than a year. On Saturday, I found out about two women that are pregnant. They've both been married less than a year. On Sunday, I found out about another friend who is pregnant. I'm not, and am apparently never going to be. If ONE MORE PERSON asks me if Seth and I are intentionally waiting, I will kick them in the shins. Hard.

Okay, as for other stuff... er...

  • It snowed this morning. Very hard for 15 minutes. It's all gone now. It was all gone within an hour. But I thought it was pretty funny. Everyone seriously FREAKED OUT. Over fifteen minutes of snow that melted 15 minutes after it stopped falling. Chill Out People!
  • Julian finally cut a new tooth. One of his canines cut through. I feel vindicated now, because for quite some time now I've been saying I think he's teething. Now I've got proof!!! His gums are still quite swollen and he's still chewing on EVERYTHING (including chairs, books, his fists, his clothing, his stuffed animals, the couch, his spoon even when it doesn't have food on it, his high chair, etc.), so I think he's still working on a couple other teeth.
  • I have a sinus infection. I am on yet another antibiotic. I am annoyed. The sinus infection led to seriously annoyingly awful horrendous migraines that lasted for days, which led to (believe it or not) muscle spasms in my neck. For a couple of days I couldn't turn my head to the side. This was not only annoying and painful, but made it impossible to do much driving. Suffice it to say, I didn't make it to work the first part of the week.
  • Not to be outdone by have_inner_lady and predigested, we are on a new home-improvement kick. On Sunday, sethcohen's mother came over and watched Julian while we did home improvementy things:
      Seth got the walls in the kitchen primed so we can hang wallpaper. Now we just have to hang the dreaded paper. We got yellow paper with very subtle darker yellow stripes. The only other paper I liked that wouldn't have looked totally out of place was blue. Seth didn't want blue. I can't figure out why, but recently he's had a block against anything blue being used to decorate the house. This makes me a little sad since my favorite color is blue, but I also know this is a phase for him. He also said "no yellow" at one point. So eventually, I'll convince him of how wrong he is about blue and the world will be right again. :)
    • I tiled the TV room in the basement over the course of a few days. Granted, it's peel and stick tile, but given the nature of that stupid, bumpy, lumpy, dirty, old, decrepit floor, I still had to spread yucky adhesivey-goo on the floor first, wait for it to get tacky, stick the tiles down, pray that they were straight, cut tiles (I left MUCH of the cutting to Seth but not all of it), and repeat. The TV room is now 99% finished (just a couple edge pieces to do), and I've started into the hallway between the TV room and bathroom. I'll do the rest of the hallway and the bathroom before Purim. Seth's office will come sometime after purim, which probably means after Pesach at this point.
    • We're hoping to have all this done before Purim because hopefully cellio and Mr. Cellio (okay, that's not really his name) will be coming for Purim. Still not sure about that, but regardless, they've worked well as motivators without even knowing it!

There's a bunch more to write, but I think this is enough for one post anyway. Future posts may include: shabbos plans, purim plans (including my shaloch manos quandaries), trouble with charlie (including the evil siamese rescue person), and um, other stuff. For now... that is all.
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I got an obnoxious, unprofessional, grammatically-poor email from a recruiter today. I could have ignored it, but I decided to be snarky instead. He wrote:
Hello Karen
I have a Tech Writer position available [some dollar amount]hr starts ASAP. Let me know if interested.

Random Recruiter
Technical Account Manager
Some Staffing, Inc.
"We build relationships that build your company"

Now, here's the thing. I am unimpressed by this email. I am, in fact, turned off of any possibility of wanting to work with this person. Should I have just deleted the email? Sure. But that would have ruined my fun. My only regret was that I was a little bit drugged (yay for codeine) so I wasn't nearly as coherent or grammatically correct as I'd like to have been:
Random Recruiter,
First, I prefer when recruiters identify how they found my name and resume when they contact me.
Second, I am a computer security consultant, so I'd need to know how exactly my skills apply to tech writing in this particular position.
Third, I make quite a bit more per hour than you are offering at this time.
Finally, it is good to identify whether positions are full or part time, and long or short term, and in what geographic area they are when contacting potential recruits.

Suffice it to say, I was not especially impressed with your email and it would not have enticed me to pursue employment through you had I been actively looking for a position at this time. I'm sorry for my bluntness, but I wish you more success in the future. This is, in part, my fault as I suspect I have a profile somewhere that hasn't been updated in some time, but I can't rectify that situation if I don't know where you found me.

Karen Cohen

Now, I wish that I'd pointed out that it is beneath me to work with someone who can't even construct whole sentences in an introductory email. Considering the snarky email he sent back to me, I'm sort of sorry I wasn't blunter about his stupidity (emphasis his, not mine):
Thanks for the reply, I do have an old copy of your resume so I figured the position was BENEATH you at this point in your career. If you wish you can send me your resume and I can send you better potential matches. It does not hurt to have an updated resume in our files, you never know who we are working with and what positions come available.
Thanks again

While I admit that it's generally bad form to burn bridges in one's professional network, I was so decidedly unimpressed with this person's grasp of my resume and of the English language, that I'm not particularly sorry the bridge is in flames right now. Obviously, I'll simply delete this email and ignore future correspondence from him. The fact is, I only have my resume posted in one place that he could have nabbed it, and I absolutely KNOW that at the time I posted it, I was looking for computer security positions, NOT tech writing positions. The last time I was looking for a tech writing position (out of sheer desperation at the time...I am not and never have been a tech writer) was four years ago.

I keep all recruiting emails I've gotten, and I've never received anything from him or anyone in his company, so it's not like they just still had it on file from four years ago when they tried to find a match for me. My resume DOES include a section of technical writing skills, but the objective and experience summary make it quite clear that I was looking for a position as an information security analyst.

And, um, really? I'm not looking for a job right now. I like my job; they pay me well, I'm not overstressed, I've got good upward mobility and I like my management chain. I even like my client, which is a pretty amazing thing. So no, I'm not looking for a job change. But if I was, this guy is last on my list to help find me a job.

Edited to Add: I meant to add some snarkiness about the tagline on his signature file: "We build relationships that build your company." Clearly, he's doing a lousy job building relationships, so I'd hate to think what he'd do if he were trying to build my (hypothetical) company.
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ramble about.... oh all right, how about Purim?

Apparently, people missed me. Now they're going to be sick of me. Bwah hah hah! Just a few random tidbits:
  • Who was the genius who decided it would be a good idea to have the shul banquet two days after Purim? Like we don't have enough going on in our busy little lives? Oh, wait. I was on the committee that picked the date. Nevermind. Couldn't we just move Purim this year? Oh, that's right, it WAS moved...that whole leap year thing. Right. Okay, so basically, I need to stop complaining about that one.
  • Every year, beckyfeld and Harold have a fabulous Purim Seudah (festive meal). It involves vast quantities of food, singing, drinking, drunken debauchery (okay, not so much of that), and um, general festiveness. This year is more complicated because the Seudah is erev Shabbos, so it has to take place earlier, so that we can all be hungry (okay, sober would be good too) for Shabbos. That prompted some of the regular participants to contemplate having a breakfast/brunch event that was dairy. Now, really, no Feld event is dairy. It's just not done! Anyway, The compromise (because when it comes down to it, this is Harold's seudah, even if other people have taken ownership of it in that they help plan the logisitics...yes it's THAT big) was to have a two part event. Dairy breakfast, meat lunch. Harold firmly believes that a seudas mitzvah should include meat. I'm with him. So what's happening is that oodles of people will flock to Chez Cohen (that's our house) for a dairy breakfast with sangria, mimosas, coffee, and tea. No washing, no nothin'. At 11:30 we all stumble the two blocks to Chez Feld for the fleishig seudah with the usual oodles of food (though less than last year), singing, drinking etc. At 2:30 or 3 we break, turn over the house for Shabbos and go sleep off the drunkenness. At 6 we'll all meet back for shabbos at Chez Feld. Lunch on Saturday (much smaller crowd) will be at my house. Suffice it to say, Purim (and the subsequent shabbos) will be a busy time for me (and others, of course). So having the banquet two days later... well, sheesh!
  • Unfortunately, I've done very little planning on my shaloch manos. I normally have a list of who we're giving them to, and what I'm putting into the baskets and a schedule of when I'll bake whatever I'm baking to go in the baskets. I believe that this year no such lists will be made, no actual baking will be done, and we're going for simple and sweet. So there. This is just not the year for me to be more creative than that. Isn't it enough that I'll be making waffles and pancakes for heaven knows how many people?
  • So I asked someone, but I'll ask everyone else, too. Do I have to actually deliver shaloch manos to people, or can I give them to people that are at my house? The other possibility is delivering via proxy, which I'm imagining is fine.
  • I also feel that I spend a lot of money on these things every year and usually a lot of man hours (creating packaging, baking, delivering, etc.) which is really technically overkill right? Don't I just have to give two different kinds of ready-to-eat-food to two different people? It's not that I mind doing it. I rather like doing it. It's sort of the Jewish version of sending out Christmas cookies. But it's just that I feel like that money could be better put into charity. Or soup kitchens. Or something... Doesn't it seem a tad materialistic that I go through this? Or am I just overreacting and trying to find excuses out of the work this year.

Okay, so that's the gist. I still have to write a rant about Charlie and the evil S(rest of name omitted). I'll get to it eventually.
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Shabbos Dinner Planning

Okay, here's what I expect to go on tonight:
  1. Take off my badge and put it somewhere I won't lose it, change out of work clothes into grungy clothes
  2. Probably waste more time than I was hoping to
  3. Pretend to be productive, while cleverly disguising the fact that I'm still wasting time
  4. Procrastinate for an additional 15 minutes
  5. Freak out, realizing that it's 10pm and I've cooked NOTHING and that I need to get my tuchis in gear if shabbos dinner is going to get on the table.
  6. Go to the grocery store (might be wise to do this while the kosher places are still open instead of after 10pm) to pick up all the stuff I was supposed to pick up yesterday but didn't do because I didn't get out of the house because I'm a lazy slug.
  7. Come home, sort through the groceries for about 20 minutes longer than really necessary, all the while pretending to be strategizing what to start first.
  8. Realize that I've forgotten 7 key ingredients. Beg husband to go back to store for me. Fail miserably becaues it's now midnight and he has to be up at 4:30am. Cry a little, drink three cokes, re-strategize menu
  9. Prepare Potato Kugel and stick in oven. It takes 2 hours to cook.
  10. While kugel is cooking, prepare and cook gefilte fish fritters
  11. While the fish is cooling on paper towels (but before potato kugel is finished cooking), prepare crock pot for cholent for Saturday. This will go in the crock pot tomorrow. Pray.
  12. Marinate chicken, which won't happen because I'll have forgotten to buy chicken, which means I'll be stuck figuring out what's in my freezer that could turn into something resembling dinner.
  13. Prepare marinated tomato salad.
  14. After kugel comes out of oven, pop in almonds and sesame seeds to toast for tomorrow's salad.
  15. Pop chicken in oven. I don't normally cook it ahead of time, but I'll be getting home quite late.
  16. write myself a note to make rice when I get home Friday. I'll probably forget, but I'll write the note for good measure anyway.
  17. Contemplate crawling into bed, but actually collapse on kitchen floor. Wake up several hours later and crawl into bed. Hubby's alarm goes off 20 minutes later. Cry self back to sleep and pray that Julian doesn't hear Seth get up. Wake up ~6, get ready, get Julian fed, leave for work when Gina arrives, pray that I hadn't forgotten anything vital.

And you know what? I even forgot something vital in THIS post. I forgot about the apple kugel for Saturday's lunch. CRUD.

So things I definitely need to buy:
  • Apples
  • eggs (we are forever going through eggs.
  • chicken
  • Spinach
  • Craisins

Aside from that, I can't really remember what I need.
fraggle rock!

tired eyes

I feel like I've been crying. Bawling actually.

I have shed not one tear today, so why do I feel like I've been crying?
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chickening out

I gave in and bought potato kugel and sesame noodles. If I don't get to the apple kugel, so be it. If all I get done is the chicken, so be it. I'll live. I'm a lousy housekeeper sometimes, and this is just going to have to be one of those times.
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