January 27th, 2005

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weird memory.

I was 6 when I had my first eye surgery. We were living in Spain at the time and I was flown back to the states for my eye exams (there was no motility specialist on the base in Spain and the other option was Germany). So instead of skipping kindergarten, I missed six weeks of school to have eye exams and eye surgery.

I had a stuffed monkey named Minky. He was soft and cuddly and squishy and fun. I loved Minky. I had my surgery and then recovered and then we were to fly back to Spain. I have no idea where we flew out of... maybe Dulles, but I'm not sure. It was a military transport, but that doesn't mean anything. And hey, this was back in 1982, so who the heck knows. Anyway, we had to take a bus from the terminal to the plane and then walk up stairs to the plane. I got onto the plane and then realized that I'd left Minky on the bus. I was devastated. Hysterical. And my poor mother tried and tried and tried to get Minky back, but he was never located. *sniff* Then she had to fly for 8 hours with me hysterical. Sometimes, my mother really was a saint.

Several months later for my birthday, or Christmas or Chanukkah or whatever, I got a bear made by the same manufacturer, who was exactly the same color and felt the same except he was fatter and therefore denser. My parent's wouldn't let me name him Minky. They thought I needed to "move on." So I named him Binky. I was very original.

When I was 12, I had my second eye surgery. I brought Binky with me. They even let me take him into the OR. Binky had one flaw... some of his fur fell down over one eye after years of abuse. Not sure how it happened. But after I woke up from surgery, Binky was cured. Binky had surgery too. Not sure how they fixed it... didn't look like they cut it, but I'm not sure what they could have done.

I didn't bring any stuffed animals with me to my third or fourth eye surgeries.

Sometimes I remember the strangest things.
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Family May 2012


Why does no one believe that I've lived in five states (other than slitterst, but he's only saying that because he's purposely going against what he thought originally)? Seth's lived in seven states, I think. So why is five so unbelievable?
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Family May 2012

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The other day while driving home I passed an SUV on the shoulder of the Beltway that was on fire. The whole front half of it was on fire. This is the second SUV in two months that I've seen on fire on the Beltway. The previous one, though, looked like the engine had fallen out and was on fire underneath the front of the SUV. It was weird.

What's with all the cars on fire?

Seth saw another a week or two ago on 95 North.

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Family May 2012

The Answers

  1. I have lived in 3 countries.
    True. I have lived in Scotland, the US, and Spain. I have also visited Germany, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Greece.

  2. I have not finished a needle-work project since I was 10 years old, despite having started a dozen such projects.
    True. Though I have completed knitting and crochet projects, I wasn't thinking of knitting needles as needle-work when I wrote this statement.

  3. I once drank 10 shots of tequila in the space of a few hours and woke up with absolutely no hangover whatsoever.
    Absolutely true. I have had one hangover in my life and there was no tequila involved.

  4. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23.
    False. I got my license in December 1998. I turned 23 in January 1999.

  5. I have only one kidney.
    Alas, this is false. I have both kidneys, though I'd be happy to donate my right kidney to science. I've had nine kidney stones at least, and all but one have been in my right kidney.

  6. I had a stroke when I was 23.
    This is mostly true. Neurologists have since disagreed that it should have been called a stroke, but I did have something that neurologists called a stroke when I was 23. Since then, however, I've been told it was not in fact a stroke and it doesn't appear on an MRI. I'll call this true though, because it's easier to say that I had a stroke than "I had some sort of neurological thing in which I couldn't feel or move my left side for a while."

  7. I have four scars on my forehead.
    False. I have two prominent scars and a third scar hidden a little under my hairline. No fourth, though.

  8. I have a heart defect.
    True. I have a patent foramen ovale, which was discovered when I had my maybe stroke. They were trying to rule out reasons I could have had the so-called-stroke. So they did a TEE (trans-esophogial-something or other) in which they stuck a camera down my throat to look at my heart. That was gross. The cardiologist thought it would be a great idea if I was awake for that. I thought I was drowning the whole time. It was, quite possibly, the most horrifying experience of my entire life. After discovering that I had this patent formamen ovale (POV or PFO depending on who you ask), the cardiologist suggested putting me on coumadin (warfarin). "Are you planning to have children?" Um, yeah, I wasn't ruling out children...SOMEDAY. "Oh. Well, then maybe we'll just try aspirin first. Anyway, the PFO is something we are all born with... there's a valve between the two chambers of your heart that is supposed to close sometime after birth. Mine didn't. If I got a small blood clot, it could move over into the other chamber of my heart, go to my brain, and cause a stroke. That's probably not what happened that day, though, so I'm really not so worried. The odds are pretty slim.

  9. My first job, other than babysitting, was as a freelance musician.

    True. My first paying job, other than babysitting was at the Family Crypt of the National Cathedral. I played one Saturday afternoon mass and made $100. My rate went up later. I made a lot of money off the Catholic Church in high school. My first job that involved regular hours and a regular paycheck and all that was at Baskin Robbins, but that didn't last long.

  10. I once successfully sued my school board with the help of the ACLU.
    False. I did, indeed, sue my school board. And had I settled the day before court like they wanted to, I would be able to say true to this one. However, I lost the case. It was appealed up to the Supreme Court, but denied cert. Such is life.

  11. My favorite card game, EVER, is pinochle.
    Absolutely FALSE. The best card game EVER is Bridge, of course.

  12. My great grandfather played 3 games for the Boston Red Sox in 1913 before breaking his thumb.
    False. My great grandfather played 6 games for the Boston Red Sox. And I'm not positive it was in 1913, but I think it was.

  13. I have a genetic pre-disposition to loving mushrooms.
    Technically, I don't have a GENETIC pre-disposition to loving mushrooms. But for the purposes of this quiz, I'm going to say this is true. My father loves mushrooms, his father loved mushrooms, his father's father loved mushrooms. In fact, my great grandfather..yes, the one that played for the Red Sox, was a micologist (someone who studies mushrooms) and later became the head of the botony department at Brown. He and his secretary, Esther Dick (who became his second wife after his first wife Adelaide died) published a book on mushrooms in New England, and he discovered a few new kinds of mushrooms back in the day.

  14. I have always disliked my first name.
    True. My parents were going to name me Katherine and call me Kate. My mother refused because her mother (a true Southern Belle) would have called me Katie, or worse: Katie May, after a cousin of hers. My mother couldn't stand the name Katie and liked Katie May even less. So they named me Karen (a derivative of Katherine). This pissed off my other grandmother for completely stupid reasons. But I don't care for the name Karen and would have much prefered to be called Kate. But at this point, if I were going to have people start calling me by a different name, it would be by my Hebrew name or a derivative thereof (I talked once of having people call me Estie for my Hebrew name Esther Chaya, but I just can't do it. At this point it would be too confusing).

  15. If Moshiach came and told me I didn't have to keep kosher anymore, the first food I would eat would be honey-glazed ham.
    False. I think I'd get Indian food. Or Olive Garden eggplant parmesan. Or really good non-kosher cheese. Or McDonald's french fries. Probablly no meat. I never ate much meat until I started keeping kosher. Isn't that odd?

  16. When I was a kid, I hated sandwiches, except for two kinds: cream cheese on pepperidge farm cinnamon raisin bread, or liverwurst and cracker barrel cheese on wheat bread.
    This is absolutely true. I don't like admitting it often, but I used to adore liverwurst. It's really best with a good, sharp, dry cheddar though. I haven't had it in at least a dozen years.

  17. I have a passion for chia pets.
    I actually don't know if this is true or false. I have an obsession with them. I think they're seriously nifty. But passion is probably too strong a word.

  18. Coca-Cola is the nectar of the gods. And don't you forget it.
    Well, duh.

  19. I have met a world famous violinist, a world famous cellist, a world famous orchestra director, several world-famous flutists, a world famous artist, and a well-known ballet dancer.
    False. I have not met a world famous artist or a well-known ballet dancer (though I have met both artists and ballet dancers...just not ones that I'd classify as world famous). I have however met famous violinists, cellists, pianists, directors, flutists and a world-famous percussionist.

  20. I am a virgin.
    True. I have never seen a live showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jexy gets a cookie for being the only one to get this right.

  21. I have completely lost count of how many truths/falsehoods this list contains.
    Duh. Of course that was true.

  22. I have made filo dough from scratch
    Are you crazy? Do you know how much work filo dough is? I've made a lot of crazy things from scratch, but I'm not dumb enough to make filo dough. (I have, however, made puff pastry from scratch).

  23. I haven't spoken to my brother since 1995.
    False. He has not spoken to me since 1995. I have spoken to him but received no acknowledgement. You see, I don't exist. Not in his warped little mind.

  24. I really should be working right now.
    False. When I was writing this list, I had already finished my work for the day.

  25. I have lived in 5 states.
    True. Why was this so hard to believe?

  26. Seth refuses to get me a squishy kidney to replace my missing kidney.
    This is not exactly true. Seth has failed to get me a squishy kidney, which is true, and I am bitter about this. However, I don't have a missing kidney, so that part isn't true. Plus, it's not like Seth hasn't TRIED to find me a squishy kidney.

anywho, that's it.
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