December 27th, 2004

Mr. Yuck

The plague

Seriously, I have the plague. I am freezing right now. Positively, completely freezing. Anyone who reads my journal with regularity knows that it's always HOT, HOT, HOT in my office. And, having taken a poll of the few office-mates that are here this week, today is apparently no exception. Several officemates have fans on in their cubicles. I am seriously freezing. Shivering, teeth clattering, the works.

And I might cry.

My throat hurts, I'm all stuffy, it hurts to breathe, I'm sneezing, I'm coughing, my eyes are itchy, everything hurts.

And seriously, I think I might cry. I can't go home because deadlines are looming and they're impossible enough as it is. Darnit!

This is the one downside to having small children in your house. Seriously. If you are as prone to illness as I am... you should rethink any desire you might have to have children. Okay, so maybe not, but seriously, this is a definite side effect.
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