December 7th, 2004

Mr. Yuck

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I've been having all these little attacks of dizziness lately. I'm not really appreciating them. Some of them even make me seriously lose my balance. I'm terrified near stairs now. I'm not enjoying this. Jexy thinks that I messed with my inner ear when I fell. I think maybe I have another ear infection. Or maybe I have the plague. Hmmmmm.
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boys are smelly

stupid, stupid people

A woman asked me last night if I had any children and I told her we had just gotten a 1 year old foster son.

"Oh," she said, "were you not able to have children?"

Then she proceeded to tell me that my husband should drink coffee because the caffeine makes the sperm move through faster. Uh huh. Sure.

Oh, and then she told me (mind you, this was a perfect stranger!) that if I lost weight I'd be able to conceive. Yes, I'm fat. But you know what? She was TWICE MY SIZE easily.
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