December 6th, 2004

evil kitty

single parenthood

I have been a "single" parent now for approximately 30 hours. So help me G-d, if Seth ever leaves me, he's taking the (theoretical) children with him. I will beat him if his plane is late on Thursday.
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anime me

productivity and stuff

Yesterday Seth left for Orlando before Julian woke up and the little angel (julian, not seth) let me sleep until 7!! Sometimes I really love him. Okay, I always really love him. But I especially love him when I get to "sleep in." He was awake well before 7, but played nicely in his room until I finally got up and let him out. He then took a fairly long nap starting fairly early in the morning. So I was happy about that. Collapse )

But yeah. Um. I was a tad productive last night. I'm not counting on being that productive tonight.
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