November 19th, 2004

Family May 2012

leahmiriam, this one's for you

So Z104 is having a "request-a-thon" to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. For a $30 donation you can have any song you want played on the radio, even if it isn't their normal genre. They've played reggae and rap and country and alternative and oldies and all sorts of stuff they don't normally play. (personally, I want to see if I can get them to play Beethoven or hava negilah...but I wouldn't hear it anyway, since I'm at work). If they don't have it, they say, they'll find it and play it.

So this morning they played "The Rainbow Connection". *Sniff*. Lauren, you're the only one who will understand why I was stifling sobs. *sniff*

So here it is: Collapse )
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Family May 2012

Rubber Ducky

While we're talking about nostalgic songs from childhood...

I've been trying to learn (well, I know, but need to memorize) "rubber ducky". Jeanne sang it to me on the phone one night, but I didn't remember all of it. There's a lot more words than I remember!!

So here it is! :) Collapse )
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