November 3rd, 2004

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I've been so damn tired and busy that I haven't posted anything. I haven't responded to a lot of comments. I haven't read a lot of entries. And I'm not sure if or when I'll catch up. So if I missed something, please let me know. If I ignored a comment of yours, it wasn't intentional. If I haven't returned an email that you think I ought to return, please send it again.

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In other news, Julian is well. He's been with us every night since Friday night. Tonight, however, is a night off. He is staying with his grandparents until tomorrow night so that Seth and I can enjoy our anniversary. Of course, Seth and I just both got over being sick, and we've both now caught Julian's cold and sore throat. Dammit! Oh, the joys of parenthood. :-P I'm teasing because, really, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Anyway, more about Julian in a separate post. I should think about working. I think my lunchtime is up.

P.S. IT IS STILL FREAKING HOT IN THIS OFFICE. Apparently it's like this EVERY WINTER. Doese this mean I have a few more months of this? I'm about to say to heck with being tznius and come in shorts and a tank top tomorrow. Except that, well, that would frighten everyone, probably including myself. Bleh.
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