October 24th, 2004

Family May 2012

car seat fun

Thursday night, Seth went to buy a new carseat with directions from Lis as to what car seat to get. Apparently she almost mentioned to him that there were different patterns, but realized she didn't know patterns anymore (she hasn't bought this car seat in a couple years), so she' didn't bother. Seth dutifully went and bought the car seat and brought it straight to Lis so she could show him how to install it. When he returned with the car seat, Lis said, "What pattern did you get?"


"Pattern? What do you mean what pattern? I'm a guy! I wear clothes so that people don't laugh and point!"

Then Jason (Lis' husband) came out and asked Seth, "So, what pattern did you get?"

Suffice it to say, I returned the yellow car seat with pink sunflowers on it tonight. Bea tried to defend Seth by saying that he was just trying to teach Julian to be accepting of his feminine side, to which Seth replied, "Grunt." I wasn't upset, I was amused. He hadn't realized they came in different patterns, so it's not like he got a girlie car seat on purpose. And it WAS cute, but VERY girly. (there's a picture of it here)

*grin* That's my sweetie.

And now.... MORE PICTURES! Yes, I'm one of *those* moms. Suffer! Collapse )
Family May 2012

Update on the kitten

The kitten is absolutely, 100% back to normal this morning. He just finished chasing Charlie around for half an hour and now he's snoozing in my comfy chair. He spent half an hour this morning chewing on Seth's ankles, so Seth banished him to his room. This is all good stuff, because it means he's back to normal.
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