September 27th, 2004

Seth and Karen

My hubby

I had appointments to keep tonight, so I left Seth with some cooking to do. I had an apple cranberry crisp in the oven which he needed to take out of the oven about an hour after I left. Check. That one's easy.

And I asked him to please roast the chickens. He did a great job and had pulled them out of the oven shortly before I got home. After he went to bed I started to carve the chickens, but I noticed it wasn't working out the way it usually does. My blade wasn't hitting in all the right places like it usually does (I've carved a lot of chickens, so I'm fairly used to doing this). Eventually I figured out what the problem was... He roasted them upside down. :)

they're still tasty. And it might have been that he did it on purpose to keep the breast meat moist. But it was still pretty comical watching me try to figureo ut why the breast meat was in the wrong place. :)
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