September 24th, 2004


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I was in a very lousy mood this morning. I decided to embrace my lousy mood and eat junk food. Unfortunately, that amused me and cheered me up, so there was no lousy mood to embrace. What's a girl to do?

I had to postpone the Pampered Chef Party until October 10th. If you're in the area and want to come, let me know. :)

I have a snippet of a piece from The Mikado stuck in my head. The funny part is that I just heard my boss whistle the same snippet. I think I must have been whistling it all day. He didn't even realize what he was doing. Heh.

Yom Kippur starts tonight. I guess that's all I have to say about that.

Maybe Sunday morning we'll be able to get the sukkah built. We'll see.

I feel like I'm perpetually three steps behind where I should be and I really resent that feeling.

We had dinner with Jen and Seth and their baby, Eitan, last night. Eitan didn't like the restaurant much toward the end, so I took him outside. HOLY MOLY DOES MY BACK HURT from holding him and walking him and rocking him. Kid only weighs 13 pounds but I was DYING. Clearly there's a reason I have not been blessed with children yet. I need to learn how to carry them without complaint! Still, we had a great time, and we'll miss Jen and Seth (and Eitan). They are moving to Uzbekistan right after Succos. I am determined to visit them while they are there. Now if I can just swing a work-related reason to be there...

I am strangely unmotivated as of late. This is annoying to me because I feel useless. But I want to be allowed to be useless without guilt for a month or so. But I can't be. Because I'm a grown-up. Stupid adulthood.

Right. I'm even too lazy to write a substantive LJ post. Either that or I'm too boring.
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