September 21st, 2004

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My ice cream last night was very yummy. I had oatmeal cookie chunk or some such thing. Ben and Jerry are my bestest friends sometimes. Well, at least last night. Yummy though it may have been, the two teaspoonfuls that I had really made me feel awful. It was worth it though! :)

I am having difficulty getting response to my datacall. This is somewhat annoying, but leaves me lots of time for LJ, which is why I must inform you all that you are not updating enough! :)

Becky's mom is at our house today waiting for the piano tuner dude. She's the sweetest. :) I feel bad that she's sitting amidst our mess, but fortunately, the Feld Family is not best known for their pristine housekeeping, so I don't feel TOO badly. Just a little.

Strangest thing... AIM won't let me log in as karenecohen, but when I tried my old login (spiderjd2b), it worked just fine. Problem is that I don't have the same buddy list on that name. I am quite perturbed about this. How do I get my buddy list from one to the other? Grrrr. Hrm. Now I'm trying to link the two. It is not working. I think the problem is that I'm somehow still logged in at home. This is very, very, very annoying.

I work with some very weird people.

I'm hungry. I did not bring lunch this morning. I believe I will have to go to the grocery store in search of fruit. Sigh. I am going now, I think.