September 20th, 2004

boys are smelly

I do not have diabetes

I went to the nurse practitioner for a follow-up appointment this morning. I still, apparently have an outer ear infection, but no more middle ear infection. She had been concerned that perhaps the persistent infections were a sign of diabetes, so she had me come in fasting so she could check my blood sugar. It was 86. Apparently this is a very good resting blood sugar, and I'm fine with that. Seth said it should be below 100 but above 60, so that's fine with me.

In the meantime, I'm going to see an ENT this week. Joy.
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gerber daisy!


I think I'm actually too tired to update, but I'll see if I can think of random things to say.
  • I'm still loving that we have a piano, but I can't wait to have it tuned. In theory it will be tuned tomorrow.
  • I am not getting nearly enough email which makes me feel very sad and unloved.
  • Rosh Hashana was lovely, but not very restful. First day I had a migraine which sent me to bed right after the first shofar blasts. Boy did those ever hurt my head! Seth came home and picked me up for lunch after everything was all said and done. We had a lovely lunch at Celeste's with several other people (and several children!). Friday was better, and we had no lunch guests and no invite out for lunch which meant a nice relaxing day for the most part. Dinners were all at our place (wed, thurs, and fri night) with guests. I, of course, cooked too much, but there weren't as many leftovers as you might expect. We had a good time and enjoyed all of our guests. And I got to (successfully) test out half a dozen new recipes, most of which will be incorporated into my standard repertoire. This is a very good thing. Saturday we had lunch with the Polonskys, which was very nice. Anyway, I really don't have a lot else to say about Rosh Hashana.
  • Yesterday was a fast day. I didn't do so well, but Seth did. Good for him! I was bored much of the day, but had no excuse. It's not like Seth didn't offer to do things. I was just unmotivated. I did watch Thoroughly Modern Millie though, which was a blast. I also finally got around to mailing back my most recent netflix movies, so I'm looking forward to getting some new ones soon!! :) I made some good use of the day by doing some meal planning for succos. Best thing to do on a fast day, right?
  • We had an electrician coming today which meant I was supposed to lock the inner door but not the outer door. I locked both. Whoopos. Well, it's his own fault. He was originally supposed to be there at 7am when we could have been there, but instead rescheduled for 9:30 when we couldn't be. So he's coming back on Friday to finish the work he couldn't finish last week. Silly me. I feel badly about it, but since he's never once been on time, I'm not feeling too badly...especially since it was around 10am today when he called to say he couldn't get in.
  • Today is a fairly slow day at the office for me. I've sent several requests for data to no avail. Hopefully tomorrow will pick up.
  • We have to put up the succah soon! When on earth are we going to find time for that?? Sheesh.
  • Last night I had a seriously severe craving for ice cream. I never crave ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant. It's cruel and unusual for me to crave ice cream. I can be down with a good craving for potato chips. But ice cream just shouldn't be craved for. Seth, being the darling that he is, went and bought me ice cream. I couldn't eat it until midnight because I'd eaten meat earlier in the day, but he still went and got it for me. Then, of course, I didn't manage to stay awake long enough to eat it. I would have had some for breakfast ( cream for breakfast...), except I had to go to my doctor fasting for the blood sugar test. Sigh. So now I have to wait until tonight to have ice cream, except that we stupidly agreed to meet Seth's mother for dinner at Max's which is meat, so somehow I have to figure out how to consume ice cream BEFORE dinner. hrm.
  • We are meeting with a kitchen designer today. Here's hoping we get some answers we like. I am determined to not discuss our budget. I have a theory that if I say my upper limit on budget is X dollars, that they will design me a kitchen that is amazingly exactly X dollars. I'd rather talk about all the things I'd ideally like in a kitchen and then figure out what that's going to cost and decide whether it's realistic and if not talk about what we can cut. However, contractors really don't like to do things that way. Well, tough. I'm sticking to my guns on this one. So there.
  • After we meet with the kitchen designer we are meeting Seth's mother for dinner. This all started as her wanting to "talk" to supposedly "make amends". Now she wants to make dinner out of it. Joy.
  • We still have a royal mess in our dining room, but it is STARTING to come together. Maybe by the time succos rolls around it'll be clean... We'll see.
  • I have to leave work in one hour, despite getting here a little late. Hrm.
  • I wish it weren't so darned hot in my office.
  • I can't wait to go home and eat my ice cream. Shame I have to go straight to the kitchen place.
  • Am I boring you yet? Well, tough! It's MY journal! :-P
  • I'm so mature. Hah.
  • Nutria are very freaky. But they are disturbingly cute.
  • Seth told me I can't have a camel, but I can sponsor one at the zoo if I want. How do I sponsor a specific animal at the zoo? Seth DID say I could have a goat or a sheep (I think he's just trying to get out of mowing the lawn.) Oddly, I apparently am also allowed to have an elephant. If we have no place to keep a camel, where does he think we'll keep an elephant?
  • Beavers are pretty cute too, but they're SLOW. I do not like it when they are crossing the highway while I'm trying to drive. They don't move very fast and I don't want to run over a forty pound rodent.
  • I'm very strange.
  • MS Excel can be evil sometimes.
  • Okay, I think I should finish up in case LJ decides to eat this here post.

P.S. It's really annoying that LJ automatically defaults to one space between sentences even if I deliberately put two spaces. They are evil!
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Meeting with kitchen designer was somewhat productive. He will come out Friday morning to do measurements and then start drawing up plans so that we have an idea of what it's all going to cost. What I liked about him was that he never said, "What's your budget like?" He merely asked what elements we were interested in incorporating in our kitchen. He said once he started doing the design he'd be able to give us a hard and fast number. If it's too high, we can start working on cutting elements in the kitchen to lower the cost and he has no problem with that. I think that things will work well with him, but we'd like to start seeing some numbers before we commit.

Dinner with MIL was not disastrous and almost bordered on constructive for a while. Hopefully things will improve from here. I'm not holding my breath, but I have more optimism this time than any time in the past. So we shall see. At the very least, we've gotten her to commit to not leaving the dog in the car when she comes over (er, and also just plain not bringing the dog). We shall see.
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