August 16th, 2004

curious george

Richmond Trip

Yesterday I went to Richmond, and it was a lovely trip. I hit very little traffic on the way down (just a tad in Fredericksburg) and arrived just on time. I got to see my old roommate and his new roommate (one of my former study partners) (Greg and Maya) for a couple hours, which was good. I haven't seen either of them in a while. They both seem to be doing well. They're busy, of course, but they're still basically the same as I remember them.

Then I went down to Midlothian to see Lori. That was an easy trip and I didn't get lost or anything. I got to snuggle with her kitties and puppies, which is always a good thing, but more importantly, spent some time just plain catching up with her and Trey. I would have liked to stay a little longer, but I knew that I needed to stop in Springfield at my office on my way home, and I also knew that I didn't want to be exhausted at work today. So I left after about 3 hours (around 5:15) and headed home. But first I stopped for gas. I didn't even go hunting for decent gas prices, because I knew no matter what it was going to be better than home. I paid $1.73 per gallon!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Sad when that number makes me so happy. I remember being offended at paying over a dollar not so long ago. Dernit. Anyway, I was quite pleased at my $1.73/gallon purchase. :-D

The drive home was thankfully uneventful, and included a productive stop in Springfield, and then I came home, took a shower, read a little of my book until Seth got home, and then fell into bed. All in all, not a bad day.

I'm glad that I went and sorry that I don't make it down there more often. It's not very far, and there's really no excuse for not making it down there more often, but with Lori and Trey moving soon, I'm going to have fewer reasons to go down there anyway, so I guess it won't matter so much. I always have a good time seeing everyone, and it would be nice to be able to bring Seth back down there at some point, but that never seems to work out. I always seem to head down there when he's working, even when I try to plan it around him being home (his schedule changes).

I'm beginning to realize what a boring person I am and what a plain life I lead. I'm not complaining. Just an observation.
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house stuff!

My sweetie hung my baskets in the kitchen, which makes me very happy and gets the onions, garlic, lemons, and tomy-toes off my counter, thus enabling me to actually USE more of the counterspace. Heh.

I actually did a fair number of dishes from Friday night's dinner immediately after shabbos, so I don't even have much of that mess to contend with (since I did nothing yesterday since I was out of pocket). Then again, I didn't serve food on real dishes. I used plastic. But that's another story.

Seth called USAA today to find out about getting a home improvement loan and they will, indeed, give us a loan, so we can proceed on plans for redoing the kitchen. No idea what this is going to cost, but hopefully, it won't be too outrageous. Kitchens can cost anywhere from $10K to $100K. So I'm not especially looking forward to finding out what it all costs, but I am very interested in seeing it FINISHED. That will be a happy thing.

I looked up some contractors today and gave the numbers and websites to Seth for him to contact since he'd confirmed the loan eligibility from USAA. Seth reached only one of them, and faxed them a letter and a diagram of the space we're working with. Hopefully, we'll be able to get a good response from the company we called. But I want at least three plans/quotes. So we'll see.

Anyway, it's nice to know that we're starting to move forward!
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