August 11th, 2004

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I am now over my bitterness over the phone irony. I'll live. I'm glad I have a new, more reliable, spiffier phone. I'm grateful that I didn't have a desperate need for a cell phone while I didn't have one (like that really close call I had where I almost ran out of gas and had no cell phone). I am grateful that I found the old phone because it has contact info in it that I needed and wouldn't have been easy to scrape together.

I'm grateful that I'm back at work today and that I have actual work to do (which I'm not proving by writing in my journal at this moment, but I'm waiting for someone to send me some data, so I can mess around a tiny bit). I'm slightly dismayed that I'm still doing work that I kind of was trying to get away from doing when I switched jobs. But I'm glad that I'm good at it and in demand for the moment. I'm excited about some upcoming training opportunities and a conference that I'm going to try and squeeze by my bosses. Here's hoping. Then the only hurdle will be finding kosher food in Tuscon (there are some kosher places that I found, but I haven't confirmed if they still exist). There *must* be Jews in Tuscon, right?

We had a mixup with our ADT Installation yesterday. Which is to say that while I was home sick, my doorbell rang and woke me out of a dead sleep. I answered the door in my robe and a snood with sleepy eyes wondering what the heck someone was doing ringing our bell. Turned out to be the ADT guy coming to install our system. Uh. What? Are you sure? 'Cause we didn't know about any such appointment... "oh but I just spoke with a gentleman about an hour ago and told him that I was on my way over. He even talked to me about adding some window sensors and such." To which I replied, "I'll kill him. Do come in. Can you excuse me for a moment while I call my husband? Thank you." A quick change into real clothes and a phone call to Seth which revealed that he had no idea what I was talking about led to even more confusion. Turned out the guy called one house and showed up at a different house. WE weren't scheduled until Wednesday. But, er, we didn't KNOW we were scheduled for Wednesday. Good thing Seth was working an administrative day today, so he could be flexible about when he went into the office. Last night I got a call "reminding" us of our appointment for today. I let her know that we never would have known about the appointment if the technician hadn't accidentally shown up a day early on a day that I accidentally happened to be home sick. "Oh really?" That was all she had in response.

So right. So the ADT guy (a different one this time) was late today, which is a bit infuriating, considering that he HAS A FREAKING CELL PHONE. But that's okay. Then he got to the house and determined that the house needed a wireless system (which, incidentally, yesterday's technician had also determined and we'd arranged for that), not a wired system because of the structure of the house. This is all fine and dandy, except that he didn't have a wireless system with him that he could install in our house. Uh huh. Right. Okay. Oh, and good thing he couldn't install it, because it was going to take him FOUR HOURS at least. So they're going to have to re-schedule. And according to what YESTERDAY'S technician had to say, it seems like it'll probably be another 3-4 weeks before we'll get another appointment. I just hope they actually TELL us about the next appointment ahead of time. Sigh.

Anyway, now that I have a cell phone, I need two other items. A palm pilot. And a new purse. My dream purse, to be exact. Oh, right, and a new wallet. But seeing as how the wallet is the cheapest of the items in question, I can pretty much get that any time. I'm thinking the palm pilot needs to wait until September or October. The purse I'm going to try to hold off on until my birthday (ahem...hint, hint, sethcohen... cough, cough). We shall see.

I suppose that's all for now. I have a pile of work to deal with. I've been writing this entry in snippets, so if it didn't make any sense, my humblest apologies.

P.S. Something odd that I've noticed... Aside from "determined", all of the "mood" choices for the LJ entries that start with a "D" are rather negative, with the possibly debatable exception of "dorky" which I don't think is particularly positive either. I've also noticed that I used the same moods over and over. I am endeavoring to use a more varied selection from this point forward. What the heck is exanimate? (*goes to find a dictionary*)... oh, charming. It means lifeless, dead, destitute of animation, spiritless and so on. Right. Well, I won't use that one for today.
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