August 1st, 2004

Seth and Karen

feeling better

I feel much better now. I really hate making bitter, obnoxious posts like my last one, but the truth is that I think it was good to have gotten it out.

Today should be better. I'm babysitting the Feld Kidling today for most of the day and will probably take him for a haircut at some point today. And then my friend Shawnn is coming over with her daughter (the kidling will still be here, so they can entertain each other) so that I can help her with her resume. Then we'll all eat, drink, and be merry. Or something.

I still haven't gotten to see the Bourne Supremacy, which is highly annoying, but Seth had to work at 7am this morning, so I didn't want to make him go to an 11pm show last night (by the time he got home from shul, we didn't have time for the 10pm show, but even that would have been too late for him). I'd rather see it with him than alone, so probably I won't see it until next Saturday, but maybe we'll find time during the week. I'm doubting it, though. Monday we're heading out to Westminster to see spooky_lu and gwiii. Tuesday I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'd go to the gym. Er. Right. Wednesdays Seth games. Thursday I should be getting ready for shabbos. Friday is shabbos. Saturday night is a possibility since we're housesitting for bodnej and Mrs. Bodnej so Seth won't be going to shul, so we'll be able to get an earlier start. Next Sunday Seth is working. So basically, if I don't see it next Saturday with Seth, I'm going without him. So there. I'm constantly amazed that people don't realize that the Bourne movies are based on books. Does no one read anymore? Anyway, they were books by Robert Ludlum. Ludlum wrote, I think, dozens of books. No, they're not great works of literature, but they are good page turners. My father gave me The Bourne Identity when I was a teenager. His favorite Ludlum, if I remember correctly, was The Scarlatti Inheritance, which is not a Bourne book. His books are somewhat formulaic which I discovered by reading 10 or so of them in a row, but they are fun reads.

Anyway, that's enough geekery. I have to go to the grocery store, but first I have to do some laundry, and then I have to do a zillion dishes. I hope everyone is well!
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anime me


I love rain, but right now it might be messing with my day.

It's raining now. HARD. And I was supposed to go to the grocery store. But I hate driving in rain this hard. Don't get me wrong, I still love the rain. And I'm not upset about it. It's just that I'm not sure how/when I'm going to get to the grocery store unless the rain lets up.

Plus this afternoon I was planning to do some grilling. I'm hoping that since it's raining this early, it will stop in time to do some grilling. Here's hoping.
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Family May 2012

vicarious parenthood (AKA Babysitting)

Everything takes longer with a six year old.

Fortunately, Aaron is a darling, so I didn't want to strangle him after an hour in the grocery store for a few quick things. I should have gone to a smaller grocery store.
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