July 18th, 2004

Mr. Yuck

phone message

no phone message from a neighbor that begins, "Hi Karen... I hate to sound like the bitchy complaining neighbor, but..." can ever be good.

Actually, it wasn't so bad. An exterior light on the side of the house shines into her bedroom and lights up the whole room making it hard to sleep. I just wonder where messages as innocuous as this can lead in the long term....
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Family May 2012


Shabbos was very nice. I had dinner at the Felds. Kalpana was there, as were Becky's parents. I love Becky's parents. They rock. They're here through next Sunday, so hopefully I'll get to see more of them before they leave.

This morning I woke early in part because I forgot to turn off the darned alarm, so I was stuck listening to that infernal beeping for a long time until it shut itself off. I got to shul fairly early (8:45 on the dot, which is when shul starts on Shabbos), and was surprised to find several other women already there (this is rare for that hour of the morning). Shacharis ran long (2 1/2 hours!) so the rabbi didn't talk, which was a shame, but probably just as well because I had a splitting migraine. I stuck it out to the end because my friend Regina was at our shul this morning so I wanted to be able to chat with her for a few minutes after services. I scooted out as quickly as I could and headed home to find some pain medicine before heading over to Ellen's for lunch.

Many people asked where my husband was and all expressed much outrage on my behalf that he was in Aruba without me. ;) I seriously don't begrudge him the time away with the fraternity. I'd rather not be there, because I can think of other ways to waste my precious vacation time from work that don't involve 100 other pharmacists. :)

After I drugged myself I headed over to Ellen's for a very pleasant lunch. Yitz was still being a pain, but he's maybe possibly mellowing a teeney bit. But that might just be me being optimistic. After lunch, Tvia and Liora came over to the house so Tzvia could see the new living room furniture and Liora could get the nickel tour. Only she got it for free since it was Shabbos and all... Heh. Then I kicked them out so I could lay down because my head was pounding. I fell asleep around 4 and didn't wake up until nearly 8:30, and I only woke up because my stupid head was still pounding. Darnit. I missed a seudah shlishit in the park, which is a shame, considering I baked brownies for it. I feel badly that I've yet to show up for one, but timing just hasn't worked out for me lately. Maybe next time.

Anywho, I don't know what on earth I'm doing awake at this hour. I'm going to get a little more work done and then crash. have_inner_lady is coming over tomorrow at 9am to help me with my unpacking. She rocks. :)
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