April 26th, 2004

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holy moly

We're bidding on a house! We're bidding on a house! Oy vey, we're bidding on a house! It's a helluva lot of money we're looking at spending. Sheesh.

Anyway, it's a positively adorable little Tudor in Silver Spring built in 1940. Big problems? 2: First the kitchen is smaller than my 1/2 bathroom in my current house. And second, there's no central AC. I can live with those, because they're both fixable. Yes, there are other problems, but they're all decorative and are just going to take time to fix.

And I'm really upset because I'm getting attached to this house already and odds are good that we won't get it, but I'm so hopeful and I'm really excited that maybe we will, but I'm worried about being disappointed if we don't, and I'm not making sense, but it is SO NIFTY!
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