April 5th, 2004

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I'm a bit insane. More than a bit perhaps. For most of you, this is not news. For the rest of you, I ask, "how could you not have noticed??" But this is not a post about my general insanity, large a topic as that is. Rather, I'd like to talk about Passover.

Right. So Passover is an eight day holiday starting around sundown tonight and ending a little after sundown on the 13th. So far so good. Seth and I will be away starting tonight, returning to the house Wednesday night. We are away again Friday evening through Saturday night. And again from Sunday evening (I think that's right) through Tuesday night. So the bottom line is, we're not home for a heck of a lot of this holiday. Basically, we'll be home Thursday, most of Friday, and most of Sunday. Except that Thursday and Friday we're both working, so really we're only home on Sunday. And heck, Seth might even end up working Sunday morning, seeing as how that's Easter and he may be needed to cover a shift. So now we're really down to basics... we're home for all of 3 meals, if that.

The other bit that you need to know is that Passover involves a lot of cleaning. Particularly in the kitchen. The kitchen is a massive undertaking. Everything has to be cleaned, the counters have to be covered, the oven has to be kashered, non-passover dishes and utensils have to be locked away, and so on.

When you add these two bits of information together, it's easy to understand why I decided that this year I wasn't going to kasher the kitchen. We were going to just shut the whole thing up and live out of a mini-fridge and possibly a microwave for the little bit of time we expected to be home. It was the perfect plan. A stress-free way to enter the holiday. And I loved the idea. I gloated when I heard other people's tales of woe with regard to cleaning their kitchens. I knew that my task was easy. Put a large piece of paper or cardboard or even a sheet over the door to the kitchen and voila! I would be done with my kitchen cleaning. Not even the tiniest little flaw in this plan!

But then.

Oh yes, then. I really was having a hard time getting myself into the spirit this year. It didn't feel like a holiday was coming up. It was hard to motivate myself for the rest of the cleaning that needed to be done. I couldn't bear to think about shopping for the few things we would need. I couldn't organize my thoughts to figure out what to buy. And it basically wasn't going so well. Then there's also the fact that Seth worked 3 nights last week, which meant that he wasn't home and since I wasn't feeling motivated, basically nothing got done at all. But it would have been fine, right? Because we weren't doing the kitchen. That's the hardest part. And I'd been cleaning here and there slowly along the way anyway, so there was no problem other than my own personal lack of motivation.

Then Saturday night I went over to my friend Ellen's house because she's a doctor and I wasn't feeling fabulous and I had her take a look at me. And she and two of her daughters were in the midst of finishing up their kitchen for passover, and bringing up the passover dishes and pots and pans, and covering their counters, and kashering the oven, and all that good stuff. And I realized what my problem was. I just don't get into the spirit until I'm cleaning my kitchen. It just doesn't feel like Passover without boiling water, covering counters, scrubbing the floors, closing up the cabinets, and bringing out the Passover dishes. Why? Because I'm INSANE.

So there I was at midnight on Saturday night in excruciating pain from what appears to be a sinus infection, thinking about kashering the kitchen, despite the fact that less than 48 hours remained until Passover. So Sunday morning I started working on just the basic cleaning that needed to be done in the kitchen anyway (we had loads of dishes to do...they're all done now), and when Seth got up that afternoon, I asked him what he thought. Of course he didn't care either way because he knew that the kitchen was my territory in terms of cleaning (though I'm pretty sure he didn't bet on me leaving most of the rest of the cleaning of the house to him since I was being swallowed up by the kitchen).

But the kitchen got done! Amazing. Except the oven. I've closed that off. There will be no oven-cooking! That's where I draw the line. And I even managed to get four hours of sleep and make it to work by 6:15 since I have to leave pretty early today because of the holiday.

So, go me! Even if I am insane. (but you knew that)
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strange dream

I keep having this very strange dream. I'm in Florida (yeah, freaky I know, but it gets stranger) and I'm driving my Dad's car. Except it isn't my dad's car, but somehow in the dream I know that it is. Right. Anyway, I'm driving on the highway when suddenly I start going up this hill toward a tollbooth. And the hill keeps ascending until finally I'm perpendicular to the ground. But I still have to drive up the "hill". And then the tires give out and I can't hold onto the road anymore. I start to fall and, not surprisingly, I wake up.

There's nothing particularly scary about the dream, but it's weird. And I wake up with a fast pulse and kind of panicky, even though it's not especially scary.

But the weirdest part about the dream is that it keeps happening. I've had the dream every couple of days for about 3 weeks. That's a pretty long time considering I can't think of any context in my real life that could be triggering it. I'm beginning to wonder if it means something.

Oh wait, it probably does mean something. It probably means I need a shrink.
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