February 17th, 2004

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Considering that I absolutely intended to have a completely unproductive day, I managed to do quite a lot today. Since I got to bed at 4am, I figured I'd sleep 'til 11 or 12, but that didn't happen. I woke up around 7:45, read in bed until about 8:45 and then got up. I was pretty slow about getting anything accomplished and even stayed in my PJs most of the day (the Flylady would be very disappointed in me). I read LiveJournal for a while, updated even (which is rare, as you know), and read my book (I'm reading The DaVinci Code right now), and continually thought about taking a nap, though I never did.

Eventually Seth called to let me know he was coming home early and I decided that hanging around in my PJs just wasn't going to look very wifely. So I went upstairs and took a ridiculously long shower that will probably throw our water bill through the roof (yes, I'm joking about the water bill). It was positively delightful. As I was getting out of the shower, Pipsqueak (one of our cats) decided to join me. She came in the bathroom, put her little paws up on the edge of the tub and said "mrow?" So I picked her up and put her down inside the tub. She was very confused and suddenly bolted out of the tub after standing there wondering what to do. That made for a great laugh. :)

After I got out of the shower, I decided to work on our "Master Grocery List" at long last. I'm so tired of realizing that we have no food in the house but being completely uninspired as to what to buy. Worse is after we've gone to the grocery, only to come home and discover that we have no butter, no milk, and no flour. We should never be out of staples in our kitchen...that just becomes annoying. (note to self, I didn't put butter on the master list). I created a lovely list so that all I have to do is highlight or circle the items we need and write in a quantity in the column next to the item. It's pretty darned nifty. Seth came home while I was working on that, and he helped me a bit. We're going to start the South Beach Diet after Purim, so he was going through the menus in the book finding things to add to the list. Then we took a nap.

Tonight, after several attempts to have dinner with my mother for our birthdays (several weeks ago at this point), we finally got together with my mother for dinner. A rocky start, of course, because my mother and I are completely incapable of not fighting within the first 30 seconds of being together. No, it's not all her fault. No, it's not all my fault. Yes, I could completely change my behaviour and avoid the fighting all together if I could just learn not to let her annoy me. I'm working on it, chill out. So yeah. Eventually, we did make it to dinner. We ran into the president of our shul at dinner, so I grabbed him for a few minutes to talk about some shul banquet details that I needed some information on. I felt a little bad about disturbing his dinner with business, but he was already done eating, so I don't feel too bad about it.

After dinner, Seth and I went to Staples and I bought a huge calendar for the wall near the door so that we can keep better track of each other's schedules. Seth's schedule changes every week (every day, really), so I can never keep track of where he is. He's pretty good about emailing me the schedules, but they come last minute, they change a lot, and I get so darned many of them, that I lose track. I'd just like it on the wall in front of me. Plus, I've been really busy every evening lately, and it's gotten difficult to keep track of what I'm doing on a given night, so it's good to have a place to keep it all together. Palm Pilots and Day Timers just don't work for me. I need some huge reminder where I can see the big picture right in front of me. Day Timers and Palm Pilots are supplements as far as I'm concerned. I also bought some supplies to start making a "Control Journal" a la FlyLady.

When we returned home, Seth was exhausted, but he was nice enough to stick around long enough to fill in some information on the calendar and hang it for me. Then he fell into bed (which I should do soon...it's nearly midnight). I, however, cleaned the kitchen. It's not done. But it's SO MUCH BETTER than it was. The dishes are done (though not put away). My sink is clean and shiny. Two of my counters are clear (and clean! no more stickiness!). One still has junk on it, and the other has our dish drains on it. Since I'm too lazy to put the dishes away, that last counter isn't getting cleaned just yet. I neatened up the table. My table collects crap. I'm taking steps to change that. I got rid of 80% of the stuff on it. Now just a little more and I'll be happy.

All in all, my house is looking pretty decent these days. I've even ... *gasp* ... started doing laundry. :) (I always maintained that Seth would be stuck doing the laundry until he got me a house with a full-sized washer and dryer...I've since decided that's not ENTIRELY fair) I'm turning into a wife or something.

Anywho, off to neaten up the living room a teeney bit more and then SLEEP!
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I am the poster child for why people shouldn't eat carbs. I'm fat AND I can't stay awake right now because I ate a carbolicious lunch (cheese and crackers and a granola bar) an hour or two ago.